200+ Happy Birthday Meme – Ways to Declare the Annual Awesomeness

A happy birthday meme is simply indispensable these days. There are so many ways in which you can say happy birthday to someone, especially through a meme, that you might need a while to find the right one. If you think about it, these memes have replaced the traditional birthday cards that we used to buy and send or give to loved ones. The better thing about memes though, is that they contain various types of humor. In addition, you can virtually find any type of message that you want to send in a meme. And if things don’t go the way you planned, you can always make your own happy birthday meme based on what inspiration you’ll find below.

Since every person has his or her own greeting style, you will see that diversity mirrored in the examples below. While some people have a positive attitude about aging, others are very sarcastic about it. Moreover, you will see that expressing feelings of love and appreciation isn’t a trend among these memes. On the contrary, most of them are sarcastic, ironic and contain puns related to aging.

A happy birthday meme could be based on pictures with animals, actors, various themed drawings, hot guys and so on, depending on who it is destined. What’s certain is that you will not get bored browsing through the following 200+ memes about birthdays.


1. Happy birthday meme with a twist


2. Birthdays must be celebrated

3. A birthday like the second Christmas

4. Nothing else matters but your birthday

5. A pun about growing old

6. There’s no need to be embarrassed 

7. Wolf pack or no wolf pack

8. The irreplaceable enthusiasm of a camel

9. Professor cat teaches about life

10. One year may change nothing


Wishing Happy Birthday in a Sexy Manner

A happy birthday meme is a reason to flirt or make someone smirk a little. A picture with a hot guy who is usually shirtless accompanied by a message is meant to arouse the birthday girl’s interest and feel flattered in a way she wouldn’t be in case of another meme. It’s about tingling her feminine side and making her blush with a suggestive message. Now, these memes are usually sent among girls.

As a guy, you can use a happy birthday meme portraying a famous actor who is posing in a sexy way like it were you. She will receive the message and respond according to her feelings.


11. The Star Trek way of saying happy birthday

12. Happy Birthday meme inspired by Star Trek

13. There are perks to getting older

14. Unwrapping the birthday meal

15. Technology sometimes defines our age

16. Paying less for being older

17. An odd association of image

18. Self-irony used to send good thoughts 

19. Birthdays make tough people soft too

20. The biggest deal of the year


Happy Birthday Meme Based on Animals

In this category fall two sub-types of memes. The first type is the one containing pictures of cute animals photographed in funny situations, positions and making funny faces. These are meant to be funny, heartwarming and they are fairly common. The second type of meme with animals is that done for animals. More specifically, pet owners make happy birthday memes for their offspring and share it with their friends who are animal lovers as well.

Animals are incredible creatures that manage to make us smile, or even laugh out loud. They are silly, so it’s easy to use them for a meme that’s supposed to create joy.


21. You have to keep up with facetime

22. Age is just a number

23. A wish from Morgan Freeman

24. Youth goes to waste every birthday

25. A sexy birthday gift

26. Getting old like a good wine

27. The angry baby sends his best

28. Let’s all be like honey badgers 

29. A silly birthday wish

30. Special measures for a special day


Birthday Wishes That May Give You Diabetes

Too much sugar and sweetness can cause diabetes. So, be careful when your birthday comes, not to look at too many sweet memes. This category is all about touching the softest spots someone has in order to make him or her feel the most appreciated and loved.

With such a happy birthday meme, people are trying to express pure feelings without hiding behind the curtain anymore. They take this day as an exception and open themselves by telling what they truly feel in a card.


31. From a wrestler to another

32. A sweet birthday message

33. A more serious approach

34. The downsides of getting older

35. Threatening flowers for your birthday

36. Anything goes for your birthday

37. A true warrior is prepared

38. Just one birthday isn’t enough

39. Sarcasm is welcome in a happy birthday meme

40. A birthday joke with Batman


Brothers Saying Happy Birthday to Each Other

Men have a totally different way of telling each other happy birthday. You won’t see a stud sending a happy birthday meme with a sensitive message involved. No, you will see all sorts of jokes, puns based on movies or other manly interests. In addition, men don’t go easy on each other. They go as far as laughing at each other, like getting one year older meant the end of life as we know it.

The language in such memes is usually more relaxed, familiar and friendly. It also includes specific words that are applicable to certain ethnic communities, nationalities and so on.


41. Not the purest intentions

42. Making fun of your young self

43. Everyone desires something

44. Happy birthday meme with the grumpy cat

45. A humorous side of aging

46. A pertinent explanation

47. Confused dog wants cake

48. Staying alive to be useful 

49. It’s all one big conspiracy theory

50. Donald Trump meme sends smooches 


Self-Irony is Sometimes Needed in a Happy Birthday Meme

Instead of waiting for others to make fun of one aspect about aging, you can rely on self-irony. If you are able to make fun of yourself, then there’s nothing someone can say to offend you. Admitting some facts that come with age is not shameful. On the contrary, it is a proof of strength and sense of humor.

Such meme can be used to draw attention to yourself as well. It’s like using reverse psychology on someone. This is because people will react and say that you’re not right about viewing things in a certain way. So, post a happy birthday meme before anyone else gets the chance!


51. A message delivered gallantly 

52. Dog years are important too

53. Donald Trump wants to be the best

54. Good intentions matter

55. Pushing dark humor to the limits

56. Look at the bright side

57. What more can you ask for?

58. Highlighting how things change

59. Aliens are coming for you

60. A compliment and a birthday wish


Famous Actors Wishing You a Happy Birthday

Various famous actors have different congratulation styles or they played roles with punch lines that stood the test of time. Pictures with them accompanied by their famous lines or other messages that were made up are often used as happy birthday memes.

What’s really fun about this collection of memes is that you will find both old actors and those who are hot right now. As seen, it’s impossible for someone not to relate in case of memes. This means that you can use a meme to send your best wishes to older people as well if you choose a meme with an actor they know.

Pictures with actors and other famous people are very easy to find online and to edit. So, it’s only natural for them to be used in memes.


61. When things didn’t go well

62. Birthday doggy melts your heart

63. Jack Sparrow sends his best

64. Anxieties occur when unprepared 

65. Words of wisdom and a joke

66. Mark Zuckerberg knows everything about you

67. Tide pods as birthday gift

68. Doing the job half way

69. Typical Jack Sparrow meme

70. An excuse for eating cake


Sarcasm, Irony and Jokes for Witty People

Each individual is different from the other, so we cannot say happy birthday to everyone in the same way. Happily, you will be able to pass those memes with flowers, candy, cakes, filled with pink and glitter, and move on to more serious ones. I’m talking about those memes that contain sarcasm, irony and mean jokes. These are usually appreciated by witty people who don’t make a big deal about their birthday. However, it won’t hurt to show your love in a masked way. In this regard, you have numerous memes to choose from.

Is your friend in danger of becoming a crazy cat lady? Then maybe you can let her know she is one year closer to that moment! Another example would be, “I’m not saying you’re old, but your birthday cake looks like a brush fire”. Imagine that line coming from a cat. Scroll down further, unless you want to get that senior discount faster!


71. Your future is near

72. Don’t use too many candles

73. Happy Birthday meme sends you to the movies

74. Only a few close people know it

75. When you lie about your age

76. Answer to this riddle

77. Two jokes combined

78. Heartwarming message delivered in a masked way

79. Facts presented with bullet points

80. From one gal to the other


A Suggestive Drawing and a Message Card

Regardless of how varied a meme category can be, it still contains meme that consist of simple, but suggestive drawings and a message. These can be considered classic memes or cards because the modern element is not involved, but it’s merely an adaptation of the old ways.

In such memes you can find a fitted image and a proper message to send, depending on your relationship with that person. If you cannot deliver a flower bouquet to someone in person, you can always choose an image to do so virtually. That is definitely better than nothing!


81. Do it your way every year

82. Pug wearing a cake hat

83. Cake is a birthday’s centerpiece 

84. A special occasion to unsee things

85. A wild birthday party is coming your way

86. An attractive male for the birthday girl

87. Stay cool with age

88. Take a moment for self-consciousness 

89. Don’t go for half measures

90. When our needs change


A Happy Birthday Meme Highlights Personality Traits

If you know someone well enough, then you can capture some of their personality traits in a meme. For example, the grumpy cat has a similar behavior to plenty of humans. So, a meme with it will make their day brighter. Following the same train of thought, party girls portrayed with alcohol bottles in their hands and dressed in slutty clothes are perfect for a meme meant to be sent to a chick with a similar behavior.

In case you want to find the perfect meme for someone, think of what they like first. As you will see below, there is a meme with guitars and a birthday message. That would be perfect for someone who likes guitars or can even play a guitar. This means you know that person and what he or she likes, so your wish will be appreciated more.


91. Gin is a problem solver

92. Logic isn’t required for a happy birthday meme

93. Chuck Norris couldn’t miss from a happy birthday meme

94. The birth-year coincidence 

95. Who lies about their age?

96. Birthday parties can be tiring

97. Star Trek meme for true fans

98. The fascination of a naked bodybuilder holding a cake

99. One year closer to death

100. There are plenty reasons to party


Formal Language Used in a Happy Birthday Meme

Unless you receive an official letter from a corporation meant to send good thoughts for your birthday, the language contained by the message shouldn’t be formal. However, the funny part comes by using those pretentious words. Why is that? Because they are not common to use for such occasions. In other words, no one expects a flamboyant statement in case of a simple birthday, especially if you have a familiar connection with that person.

Although formal language memes aren’t often used for someones’s birthday, there are still numerous examples for you to choose from. They might seem like they defy the purpose of a birthday wish, but they actually don’t if the person receiving them has a sense of humor.

Just because saying something common in a smart way could not be funny enough, the message is usually delivered with a picture of a serious man who you would normally take seriously.


101. Bosses being bosses regardless of occasion

102. Astronaut spends his birthday in space

103. Happy birthday meme with a sexy twist

104. After-party birthday card

105. GOT meme isn’t an inspired birthday card

106. Hot model making girls feel special

107. Keep your options open

108. Birthday beating with flowers

109. Don’t make a shocked face

110. Days and births are inevitable


Adorable Kids Send You Happy Birthday

Almost everyone likes kids because they are adorable creatures. The face of a silly or cute kid will brighten anyone’s day, so who thought of including them in memes was a genius. We consider this a stand-alone category because they are definitely not everyone’s style or suited for everyone. On a funny note, we leave you with the kid below:


110. Cute kid delivers a humorous message

111. Your birthday is important

112. The Simpsons character sends his best

113. One can make an exception

114. Old or not, it’s your birthday

115. A charming birthday wish

116. Mr. White gets soft on birthdays

117. A card for a pregnant wife

118. Sad memories can ruin a birthday

119. Happy makes a lot of sense

120. Christmas marks Jesus’s birthday

121. Spoil yourself for your bday

122. Wishing the best in Chinese

123. Flattering bday wish

124. You know you’re special

125. That’s the right attitude

126. A very formal language

127. Make your own funny happy birthday meme

128. A wish directly from the US’s president

129. Leonardo DiCaprio compares wine with age

130. Chubby kid skips everything but the cake

131. Don’t get drunk, have a thrill

132. Sponge Bob spreads the love

133. Prettier than Kim Kardashian

134. A special event to look forward to

135. Charming gang sends its best

136. Important birthdays in history

137. Material things are not that important

138. Fancy cat approaches a cake with lit candles

139. The purest birthday wishes from a grandchild

140. From one sexy person to the other

141. Go for old and wise

142. The cutest puppy nurtures heartwarming feelings

143. Birthday jokes are always welcome

144. Don’t trust a possessive kid

145. A happy birthday meme is never enough

146. Happy birthday to all gangsters!

147. Personality traits embedded in memes

148. A very thoughtful husband

149. The good type of crazy

150. Sometimes images say 1000 words

151. The annual declaration of being awesome

152. Don’t forget the ’90s

153. Keeping your real age a secret

154. No Facebook reminders needed here

155. A birthday wish that comes from the soul

156. Happy birthday, dad

157. Heidi from the mountains ended up in a happy birthday meme

158. More excitement is needed with time

159. No one can argue that’s not much

160. Spoiled in a very sweet way

161. The crazy cat lady days are around the corner

162. Wishing the best in another style

163. Serving a hot and cold one

164. Never doubt about being a superstar 

165. Grumpy old man sends his wishes

166. Sponge Bob is ready to celebrate with you

167. Icon Marilyn Monroe lives to blow another candle

168. A birthday hairstyle must hold

169. Drink every day like it’s your birthday

170. British timetable for tea and cake

171. Ingenuity is important in a happy birthday meme

172. A simple message and many colored balloons 

173. You look fabulous no matter what

174. A birthday wish for a loved mother

175. The birthday cake doesn’t get you fat

176. Make a rime and drink wine

177. Especially colored and sweet drawing with a birthday wish

178. An unwanted surprise awaits

179. Gorgeous flowers for a gorgeous girl

180. From one brother to the other

181. It’s cake eating time

182. Instant mood lift sent by the right guy

183. Keep that number for yourself

184. Leave your worries for another day

185. Time spent with friends is priceless

186. Another token of appreciation for moms

187. The best team of doggy sons

188. The type of picture that messes with your mind

189. Serene sights and a positive message

190. Cats and dogs are friends for their birthdays

191. Happy birthday to all bacon lovers

192. Superman delivers your happy birthday meme and cake

193. There’s no one you-er than you

194. Sexiness doesn’t go away with time

195. Getting old is just an illusion

196. A happy birthday meme for guitar lovers

197. Girly meme contains a thoughtful message

198. Sausage dogs give their best wishes

199. Balloons, glitter and joy

200. Keep an eye on your grammar

201. Let the world enjoy you

202. Arrangements are made for your birthday

203. Amazing illustration with a pertinent message

204. Happy belated birthday to you

205. Birthday girl/boy or not, you are amazing

206. Fantasy and cartoon card for your birthday

207. A simple message delivered in style

208. Every year counts as a new record

209. A kid’s birthday starter kit

210. Are you pass the 25 threshold? 

211. Birthdays are exciting

212. There’s a type of celebration for everyone

213. Being happy for others is good too

214. It’s payback time

215. Let that sink in

216. Ariana Grande appreciates every birthday wish

217. Jesus played a part in this

218. Kim’s husband made a cake of himself

219. The difference between mom and dad

220. Be careful what you wish for

221. Everything has to be perfect

222. With one exception

223. Age is a number and a word

224. A happy birthday meme is required

225. Word goes around

226. Bespectacled giraffe sends its best

227. A happy birthday meme; Iron Maiden style

228. A simple drawing and a simple birthday wish

229. Try not to freak out

230. From a brother to another brother

231. Learn how to take a compliment

232. You never know how many candles you need

233. Baywatch fans will be delighted

234. You are retro

235. Beautiful painting replaces real flowers

236. Fashion changed and so did you

237. A song dedication for you

238. Set that beer on fire

A happy birthday meme can be enough to actually make one’s day better. The secret to succeeding is to browse through enough memes and find the right inspiration. They are so varied that it’s impossible not to find the right one for someone’s birthday. So, stay connected to what’s trendy these days when it comes to congratulating someone for something. Don’t choose to say happy birthday in a classic way when you can make it much more original, funny, personalized with a meme created for just that!