75+ Holographic Nail Design Ideas

We have so many options to refresh our body with manicures and pedicures that they are sometimes difficult to opt for a style. Whether you’re wearing short nails, long nails, gel, or porcelain, it can be hard.

I bring you the trend that is all the rage this season! And it seems it’s here to stay because it’s ideal all year round: the holographic manicure!

You’ve probably seen it before and, in case you ask, it does not require any complicated technique that you cannot do yourself at home. These are enamels with shades and bright colors, with diamond or rainbow effect, which vary according to the light and direction of the nail.

The best thing is that all this is integrated into the nail polish itself, its texture is all the same, and today many brands sell them. Within the reach of your hand (and your nails)!

Here is a small hack for you on how to prepare your holographic nail polish and how to apply it.

The holographic particles used in nail art come in different varieties, such as silver flakes, gold dust, etc. Their pose on the nails turns out to be complicated. However, there is a practical trick to do it easily.


You will need clear varnishes, glitter or holographic pigments, an empty bottle, and a long, thin object that will act as a mixer. Before you start, we advise you to cover your worktop with a cell phone to protect it. Then, gently pour all the clear varnish into the empty bottle. The latter will serve as a receptacle for preparing the holographic varnish. Add the holographic pigments to the previous bottle. They are sold in sachets. Use a paper cone to facilitate this operation and to avoid pouring pigments everywhere.

Close the bottle and shake it so that the particles do not settle at the bottom. Then mix the contents of the bottle well using a long and thin object. When you are satisfied with the mixture, transfer it into the bottle that contained the clear varnish. Then apply your holographic varnish like ordinary nail polish. To have an overview of the result obtained before the final application of nail polish on your nails, you can put a few layers on a false nail capsule. The only downside is that once dry; the feel is rather rough, it may seem unpleasant at first.

You can also buy holographic varnish ready from different cosmetic shops or e-commerce websites easily. The holographic manicure goes beyond a glittery finish. A 3D design, also known as 3D enamel, will make your manicure or pedicure look spectacular this summer. When solar reflections will provoke in this type of pigment, it will give a spectacular shine that will not go unnoticed for sure.

Here are pretty cool and eye-catching designs, from which you can easily opt for your style. These startling designs will make your nails look elegant and prettier.


Pretty in Pink

These holographic nails are pink, long, and prepared for a night out or lounge around the house with your best girlfriends, with the addition of some charming accessories, such as mid-finger and thumb rings. They’re a stunning expansion to your look that will have individuals stopping to look at you for a second look. Isn’t that great!

“It’s An Attitude”

Miley Cyrus once said, “Pink isn’t just a color; it’s an attitude too!” This all glitter nail design is short and tidy, but the holographic nail color gives it a remarkable look, taking the nail art design from endearing and easy to what resembles pixie dust nails.

Pink Is Always Believable

Actress Audrey Hepburn once quipped that “I believe in pink”—and if that’s true, then these pink holographic nails are a religion of their own. Unlike the pixie dust nails, this is an extended nail design, but like all other nail design ideas here, it’s almost an ensured masterpiece!

Glossy and Chrome

When you look at the chrome nails, at the first glance, you won’t be able to see the hidden magic inside. Until the rays of light touch your nails to reveal a cool and classy mirror image of one of the most authentic holo designs. It is almost impossible to ignore or neglect the shiny and sparkling holographic nail art.

Glow in the Dark Glitz

It is not important that your holo nail dust will glimmer and shine in the dark. However, it looks as if they’ll glean pretty much anywhere else! The wonderful yellow and blue hues give a powerful look to this extraordinary nail craftsmanship, and we can’t force ourselves to turn away even if we tried!

No More Girly Stuff

One of the most wanted shades for nail art fans and lovers is pink and various shades of Pink. However, when it comes to holographic nail art, everything changes on a different level. These glittery pink holographic nails may seem old-fashioned; however, this particular nail design is the most popular among women.

Glitter Your Nails with Glitter

This design, in particular, doesn’t need chrome polish. However, when you tend to give the finishing touch to your nails, remember that your nails are sparkling because a little chrome is present there. You will find hundreds and thousands of manicures on various sites. The best of them is the one that gives your nails an extraordinary touch and makes them stand out. So rock your holo design with your favorite color and glittery texture.

Odd One Out

If you are holographic nail art design lover, but your nails aren’t long for the design, then this will work. Still, you can rock the stage by creating an odd one out sequence. All you need to do is paint your nails with a similar color and one nail (preferably the middle one) with the contrasting shade. This is easy and doable. Also, the outcome is always stunningly beautiful.

 Be Classy In Your Way

Regardless of the event, if you want perfect, basic lines and splendid, great hues, then this holographic nail art design is especially designed to compliment your personality. The sparkly nail pattern is softened comparatively than the other nail colors. Due to this, when a ray of light hits your nails, it brings out the elegant and classy combo.

Purple League

Till now, we have talked about either chrome nails design or nail designs which have multiple dimensions. However, this purple holographic design is another type of holographic designs in itself. Major attractions of these purple holo manicures are the bottom of every nail. As this is a unique and a different style, I can tell you with certainty that you will stand out.

Keep it Simple, Keep it Elegant

To get a perfect watch design on your nail, you’ll have to use a reflective nail. These mirror nails also give birth to many different eye-catching designs as well. The irony outlook of the completed watch gives it a mechanical look, yet the short, perfect trim truly gives you that eleventh-hour look.

The Nail Queen

If you want to enjoy your winters in any season with style, then this fashion must be perfect for your needs. For wintry and snowy look, solidified fractals of various mirror nail clean hues are the best. All you require is a brush and a few minutes, to make yourself an empress of this holo nail art. You can also customize your design in your way.

Become a Royal, Wear Purple

Purple is also the royal color. For the royal look, all you need to do is get a purple nail color. Apply this cool and classy shade very carefully. Put the layers until you see the shine coming out of your nails. When you will complete all your nails and will watch them, you will surely get a metallic purple look with the essence of royalty.

White Always Brightens Up the Day

Doing funky nail art every day may get boring. For those days when something professional is coming up, then a white shade of holographic nail polish will brighten up your day. It is the best choice to wear on casual days.holographic-nails

Sensual Metallic Platinum Look

We have always seen those shiny and sparkling and glittering nails in cartoons since childhood. And to be honest, those are the nail art goals. However, all holographic designs do not shimmer or glitter like every other design. This dull, platinum color will give you a metallic look. However, there will be a little sparkling when the light reflects on your nails because without glamour there is no holographic design.

When Metal Works

At first look, these nails would appear to be plain old dark simply, however the second light hits them, they’re set burning by a veritable rainbow of changes—the metallic glimmer is supplanted by a sparkling presentation of light and shading, and the features are reflected in the new hues to sparkle considerably more brilliant than before.


Antique, Irony Look

Rusty look is in these days, and the rust color has brought another elegant and antique color in the palette. If you want to dress up in a traditional antique style, then the metallic shades of dark red contoured with metallic polish powder are the best option for you. The mix of this deadly combination of antique look with a modern touch will make you stand out from the crowd.

Different Pattern on Every Finger

These days it is very common to wear the same colored nail polish. However, if you are one of those kinds who love to challenge the norms and who want something different and unique every day, then ladies, this is your perfect choice.

Although it is little time consuming, the finished product is worth to invest your time on. All you need to do is to make different patterns on every nail. Do not repeat any pattern on the one hand.

Play With Holographic Paints

Playing with light is fun. Holographic nail polish shows its charm whenever the light is reflected on it. This design, in particular, is all about shadows, reflection, retention, and lights. When these four entities combine, they make a great combination and give an enchanting aspect to your personality.

In this design, all you need to do is to make different patterns on every finger. However the main play in this is that the design on your thumb and the third finger will be the same, the design on your index finger and your pinky finger will be similar. The middle finger will rock its design.

Purple, Smiles, And Hope

Additionally, purple style for our rundown, these holographic nails highlight a sweet little detail on the ring finger as their solitary refinement; however, the lovely, attractive structure is sufficient to warrant a second look, and the luminescent sheen of the four residual nails is sufficient to warrant a third, fourth, and fifth look!

Tough Nails

These nails are simple—or, at any rate, as straightforward as shining chrome fingernails can ever be! Recorded to a point and cleaned to sparkle, this generally short style will give everybody you meet a chance to realize that you mean business.

However, the impression of the hues you’ll consequently get along your way mellow the edges sufficiently only to be splendidly respectful.



Above mentioned designs are for those people who opt for nail art, holographic glazes combined perfectly with all types of nail imagery. If you want to stand out from the crowd and show off striking hands or feet, then there is nothing better than holographic nail art.

Coming to an end, I hope that you’ve got some inspirations from the given designs above. Trust me when I say you can do it yourself, then I mean it.