Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s Millions Unveiled: Net Worth, Career, Family and More Unveiled

Name Ariana Grande Butera
Age 25 years old
Birthday June 26, 1993
Career Profession Actress, Singer, Songwriter, Model, Businesswoman
Net Worth $80 million
Father Edward Butera
Mother Joan Grande
Civil Status Single
Boyfriends Graham Philips, Mac Philips, Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is a famous American actress and singer-songwriter. She was born in Florida to a family who has an American-Italian ancestry from New York. Her career began in Broadway way back in 2008 when she was still 13-years-old.

She then played as Cat Valentine in the popular Nickelodeon TV series, “Victorious.” This ran from 2013 to 2013. Her first musical appearance was in the “Victorious” soundtrack, and since then has signed to Republic Records after Monte Lipman, a reputable music executive discovered one of her covers on YouTube.

Family and Parents

Ariana Grande’s parents are Edward Butera and Joan Grande, whom she was born to on June 26, 1993. Edward Butera is a successful photographer, artist, and graphic designer. While her mother, Joan, was a CEO of a manufacturing company.

Ariana was close to her dad when she was still little. However, her connection with him faded as her celebrity career moved on. The separation of her parents also had a huge effect on her.

Meanwhile, Ariana’s mom Joan was the CEO of Hose-McCann Communications which develops communications devices for the military.

Ariana also has a half brother named Frankie, whom her mother had with Victor Marchione, her then boyfriend before meeting his dad, Edward. Frankie is an openly gay person and he uses his celebrity status to promote and inspire people to accept the LGBT lifestyle.

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Career’s Early Beginnings

Ariana had a deep interest in musical theater. This enabled her to pursue her dreams and eventually join Broadway and then to Hollywood.

All these started when she was still 14-years-old. She didn’t mind if she was still young at that time as she auditioned for “13 the Musical,” for the new and upcoming Robert Brown show at that time.

She took the role of Charlotte and surprisingly won an award in the National Youth Theater Association. It was a huge achievement for her as this solidified her motivation to pursue the limelight.

Hollywood All the Way for Ariana

After which, the number of projects and invitations grew. She was eventually cast as one of the characters for “Victorious”, a show for Nickelodeon. It premiered in 2010 and proved to be a success after amassing 5.7 million viewers.

Her role there was “Cat,” who was one of the main character’s closest friends.

According to reports, she earned a whopping $9,000 for every episode in the first season alone for that show. Throughout its run, she also appeared in “Snowflake and the White Gorilla,” “Winx Club,” and on Greyson Chance’s music video.

Grande also appeared in “Sam & Cat” for 36 episodes, and a number of guest appearances in “Family Guy,” “Zoolander,” “Scream Queens,” and “Hairspray Live!.”

Ariana Grande Enters Music Industry

Her acting role was hugely successful. But this didn’t stop her from her tracks of achieving more. Grande soon later took on the music industry as she wrote her own songs. “Yours Truly” was her first album which was released in 2013.

It was a huge success as it managed to join the top 10 US Billboard hit. It even peaked at the ninth spot and sold more than 100,000 copies in its first week alone. Years passed and her music career expanded beyond expectation.

To give an idea of how successful and popular she was, her “Dangerous Woman Tour” grossed more than $70 million worldwide. It even made it to the number one spot of the Billboard 200 list. Furthermore, she’s got four Grammy nominations.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s Net Worth and Salary

Ariana Grande is one of the biggest names in Hollywood and in the music industry, despite her young age of 25-years-old. With this, it can clearly be seen that she’s amassed a huge amount of wealth for herself.

Numerous reports agree that Ariana Grande has a staggering $80 million net worth considering all her assets, properties, salaries, and investments.

This wealth comes from her numerous endorsements, gigs, beauty partnerships, musical endeavors, and sales from her world tours and merchandise. A report even states that Grande earned a whopping $630,000 for every night spent during her “Dangerous Woman” tour.

Additionally, $50,000 of that comes from the sales of her various merchandises. Her music career brought her more than $25million, says MTV. That comes as no surprise knowing that she has sold near 2 million albums locally.

Many even believe that her net worth will further increase as more projects, tours, and likely TV shows are going to make her busy in the months and years to come.

Religious and Societal Beliefs

Ariana Grande’s original religion was Roman Catholic as she was raised in that home setting when she was still young. However, she left Catholicism after Pope Benedict XVI became the pontiff of the church and opposed strongly to homosexuality.

The reason behind the abandonment of her religious Catholic beliefs was because her brother was gay and she doesn’t approve of the church’s stance against homosexuality. Since then, she has become a follower of Kabbalah at the young age of 12.

The belief stems from the fact that good things happen to you as long as you stay good. She even has songs that support the LGBT community such as her song entitled, “Break Your Heart Right Back.”


Ariana dated Graham Philips while she was still in “Musical 13” in 2008. They dated until 2011 and fell apart from each other. She then dated Mac Miller after meeting each other in “The Way”.

Their relationship started in 2016 and ended around 2018. Soon after, she met actor-comedian Pete Davidson in June 2018 and announced they were engaged shortly. Unfortunately, they abandoned their engagement and consequently their relationship in Oct. 2018.

Business Ventures

Ariana Grande isn’t just one talented artist in Hollywood and in the music industry. She’s also got skills when it comes to business, such as her having ties with Lipsy in releasing their company’s new collection.

She also signed a partnership with Reebok, a famous shoe brand. Grande also now has a perfume that is reported to have given in huge cash for her. According to reports, her perfume sales gained $150 million globally.