A Review of the Top 20 Best Emoji Keyboards for Androids

Texting and chatting have become one of the best modes of communicating nowadays. Sometimes while texting you want to express your feelings and words are just not enough to convey the way you feel. This why most people have now found an alternative way of passing their feelings to friends and family using emoji keyboards.

If you are wondering what an emoji keyboard is, here is a simple explanation. An emoji keyboard is an invention to help you convey your feelings to your friends while chatting. This way they can tell when you are happy, angry, sad, etc.

Android phones have become very popular nowadays, and they usually come with their preinstalled keyboards. The challenge, however, is that these keyboards have just a few emojis, they are just not sufficient to convey our feelings. There is a way to transform your keyboard, so you have access to all the emojis you need.

In this article, you get to see the top 20 emoji keyboards for your android phone in 2019.

Best Emoji Keyboards for Androids

Top 20 Best Emoji Keyboards for Androids

Need keyboards to spice up your texting and messaging on your phone? Take a look at the roundup below and discover the one that best fits your tastes:


Swift Key

This emoji keyboard is one of the best in the world. When you search for emoji keyboards on Play Store, Swift Key comes up first. Whatever your taste, this keyboard will cater to all your emoji needs. There are different designs, colors, and themes and it supports up to over a hundred languages. There is a ton of emoticons and smileys for your use. The best part about this keyboard is that it is free.

The features of Swift Key include:

  • It has a multiple layout feature.
  • To help you type faster the keyboard has a Flow feature.
  • The keyboard can learn your words to make it easier to chat.
  • The keypad has a smart prediction feature that forecasts your next word.



Google produces the Gboard- specifically designed for faster and more comfortable typing and gestures. An additional feature is that it lets you use your voice. The recent addition to the Gboard is that it can pick gestures you make.  As with every gesture you make, it finishes a word and then without using the spacebar, you move to the next. If there is no word, then you have a myriad of emojis to choose.

The features of Gboard are:

  • Voice typing.
  • It has dictionaries for 26 languages.
  • Gesture typing.
  • An advanced keyboard layout.
  • Personalized corrections, suggestions, and completions.


AI Type Keyboard Plus

This keyboard is renowned for its user-friendliness. It is one of the smartest and most personalized keypads for android phones. The number of users totals over 40 million scattered around the world.

The features include:

  • Customization
  • Auto-correction and word prediction abilities.
  • Grammar check
  • Voice narration.

emoji keybord


This keyboard is one of the oldest on Play Store, but it maintains its relevance as one of the best to date. It creates a personalized language model after taking note of your method of text input. This language model follows you from device to device.

Features of Swype include:

  • Gestures
  • Prediction of the next word.
  • Bilingual support.
  • Text/Voice dictionary sync.
  • An array of keyboard themes.
  • It provides a personal dictionary backup.


Thumb Keyboard

One of the most easily customized keyboards on Android as it allows you to put in your preferences. It comes with loads of innovation for your pleasure.

The features of this keyboard include:

  • Multi-touch.
  • The keyboard layouts are flexible.
  • The keypad is entirely customizable.
  • Swipe gesture support.
  • Auto-correction.
  • Text to speech feedback.
  • You can change the colors of the fonts and keys as well as their sizes.


Kika Keyboard

This emoji keyboard makes typing fun, fast, and very easy. All over the world over 10 million people have downloaded and are using Kika keyboard.

Features of Kika keyboard are:

  • You can personalize the skins and colors of the keyboard.
  • You can make use of over 1,200 emoji on different platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, etc.
  • Kika keyboard is the first to provide support skin tone emojis used on Whatsapp.
  • It supports the latest emojis designed for android like the unicorn, taco, middle fingers, etc.
  • There are over a hundred themes.


Go Keyboard

This keyboard supports over 60 languages, and you have access to about every emoji there is to convey your emotions. The emojis and emoticons are compatible with several platforms.

Features of Go Keyboard include:

  • It is so smart it recognizes mistakes in typing and provides sufficient corrections to make the typing experience smooth.
  • All emojis, emoticons, smiley faces, and stickers are free.
  • There are different layouts such as QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY.


Hip Indic Keyboard

The keyboard supports more than 80 languages, 12 of which are native Indian languages. The tap keyboard also provides you picture themes, stickers, music themes, and emoji. All of these make the typing experience more exciting.

The features of this keyboard include:

  • The keyboard size is adjustable for gesture adaptation purposes.
  • You can customize the input method skin with your picture. So you can pick selfies, family portrait, a photo of your pet or lover, etc.
  • Download lots of keyboard themes for free.


Flesky + GIF Keyboard

It is still the only keyboard that lets you send GIFs. You can also customize your keyboard using beautiful themes and extensions. The record has it that it is the fastest keyboard in the world.

Features of this keyboard include:

  • You can navigate apps through your keyboard using Launcher.
  • Using the editor, you can copy or paste, control your cursor, and carry out many other functions.
  • There is the presence of an auto-correction feature which lets you type without even looking.
  • Gesture typing.
  • There are over 40 themes including Hunger Games and Frozen.


Minuum Keyboard

The keyboard is smaller than the average one, yet it lets you do a lot more with your screen space. Despite its size, it is still brilliant. The nickname given to it is a little keyboard that fits big fingers. There is a predictive engine that studies the words you frequently use, their combinations, and language. Through this, the manual efficiently suggests words to make your typing experience faster.

Features of the Minuum keyboard include:

  • Fast, sloppy typing.
  • Vocabulary control.
  • The keyboard size can be expanded to make it more prominent when necessary.
  • Alphabet arrangements can be altered to suit the user.
  • Smart word prediction.
  • Wider screen space.


Kii Keyboard 2

It is an advancement to its predecessor, the Kii keyboard which was very popular. It is one of the best consoles to use on an android phone. There’s one more thing; it is free of charge.

Features of the Kii Keyboard 2:

  • It allows the user to define text shortcuts.
  • The keyboard predictions are smart and accurate.
  • Best all-in-one keyboard for tablets and phones.
  • The keypad supports messaging to both Android and iOS.


Khmer Smart Keyboard

This keyboard is one of the simplest you can have on your android phone. Don’t let its simplicity fool you, and it is still fascinating and intuitive. There is just one word to describe this keyboard, “fantastic.”

Features of the Khmer Smart Keyboard:

  • You can make deletions by swiping left.
  • Word prediction.
  • For users to change mode, they need to swipe right..
  • To switch between English and Khmer swipe right or left on the spacebar.
  • Flick gesture helps for fast typing.


Redraw Keyboard Emoji

The design of the keyboard makes it more than just emojis or a keyboard having fancy letters. It also comes with several amazing themes but what’s better is that you can make your themes.

Its features include:

  • You can change text and keyboard fonts.
  • You can create your keyboard themes.
  • It comes with fantastic keyboard themes and fancy graphics and layouts.
  • There is an emoji projection keyboard.


Typany Keyboard

This keyboard is simple yet smart and fashionable. To make it more enjoyable to use there is a full customization feature. It was designed to give the user a fantastic personalized typing experience.

Below are the features of the Typany Keyboard:

  • You can unleash your creativity by designing your emoji which is usually great fun.
  • It possesses advanced correction models which help you eliminate errors.
  • The keyboard learns as you type, so there is no need to input your own words into the dictionary manually.
  • You can customize the keyboard easily by using your photo, change the color and font of each key, amongst others.


Chrooma GIF Keyboard

This keyboard is light and fast as well. One fantastic feature is the color of the keypad adjusts to the app deployed. It also comes with artificial intelligence which gives you a more advanced contextual prediction. The app also has the following added features:

  • A collaboration with Giphy ensures that you can select from a wide range of funny GIFs from within the keyboard. There is a feature that enables GIF sharing with contacts.
  • Another upside from having this keyboard is the pop up of emojis based on specific words typed with the keypad.
  • For those that love to have recently used emojis visible, there is a quick add emoji button.


Most users describe this keyboard like the one that allows you to reach your full emoji potential. Based on what you have just typed this keyboard gives you the best emoji predictions.

The features of this emoji keyboard include:

  • You have access to the perfect emoji inspiration when you need it.
  • Searching for emojis is very fast.
  • You can pick out an emoji you probably forgot existed very quickly.
  • You do not need to switch to emoji; they come to by default.
  • You always have the latest emoji as soon as they are released.


Ginger Keyboard

This keyboard provides you a fantastic amount of emojis, GIFS, themes, and stickers. You probably never expected it, but this keyboard comes with in-app games. It also comes with advanced artificial intelligence which analyzes your text. It also learns your language and writing and then corrects spelling and grammar mistakes.

Ginger Keyboard provides you the following features:

  • Word prediction.
  • It comes with a spelling and grammar checker feature.
  • It comes with in-app games.
  • There is an array of animated GIFs, emojis, themes, and stickers.


Cheetah Keyboard

This keyboard to have 3D capabilities on Google Play Store. It does not have any apps, and it still offers you fresh graphics, emojis, themes, and fast typing experience. All of these come at no price.

The features of the Cheetah keyboard include:

  • It comes with a powerful voice input feature.
  • It has an online dictionary.
  • There is a wide variety of themes.



iKeyboard is also one of the best emoji keyboards for your android phone. It comes with more than one hundred themes which are updated frequently. There are several other features such as voice recognition and smart correction.

The iKeyboard has the following features:

  • A sleek swipe-to-type feature.
  • More than a hundred themes and skins
  • More than 1,200 emojis, emoticons, and smileys.
  • It allows you to send GIFs and stickers.



This keyboard helps you to discover the best GIFs or videos to convey your exact feelings. The best part is that you can achieve this straight from your keyboard. It’s much more than a regular keyboard as you can express every joke, response, or emotion.

Features of the Tenor keyboard:

  • Tenor has millions of videos and GIFs from which you can choose the one that best describes your emotions at every point in time.
  • You can carry out your searches for emojis or GIFs straight from your keyboard.


Listed above are the top 20 emoji keyboards for 2019 in no particular order. The truth is there are several others which could not fit into this list. But with any of the above installed on your android smartphone, you can now express your emotions just the way you want to.