Does He Like Me signs

Does He Like Me? 19 Not So Obvious Signs That Show “He Likes You”

Just like most ladies you probably have that guy that brings swarms of butterflies to your belly every time you see him or think about him. The challenge, however, is that as much as he drives you crazy, you are not sure the feeling is mutual. What then do you do at this point?

Do you have that guy you want to show up and sweep you off your feet? That guy that you wish would be your knight in shining armor? That guy that will give you the magical kiss to awaken every dead romantic feeling?

If you are looking for a romantic gesture or a string of them to tell whether a guy likes you or not, you probably won’t get any. Not because he doesn’t like you, but because that is usually not in the average guy’s character. Novels and movies have somehow misled most ladies to expecting so much from a guy romantically.

If you are watching out for that fairy tale romantic move, you might wait a thousand years and lose every guy that likes. The question to answer here is, how do I know he has feelings for me? What signs can you use to tell? If these are questions on your mind, then this is just the perfect article for you.

Does He Like Me

He keeps asking questions about you

Are you wondering how this can be a sign? You shouldn’t. Have you noticed that you mostly ask questions about things or people that interest you? Interest is what he is showing when he keeps asking questions about you.

If he spends time asking questions to know what makes you tick, your likes, dislikes, background, etc. then he is probably interested in you. You can infer this mostly when he is listening attentively to your answers and asking follow-up questions.

It shows that he’s interested in you, he is a great listener, and his attention is focused on you far more than himself. Here’s a fun fact: men communicate their feelings and attraction through listening and showing care.

He keeps smiling around you

If you are confused about how he feels about you, watch his gestures. They are a great pointer to hint on how he feels on the inside. A guy that is interested in you will probably not be able to hold back the smiles and giggles. He’s almost always going to be smiling.

The smiles mean he relishes the idea of having you around and most probably has a mad crush on you. He smiles a lot to lift the environment and make the mood lighter. It could also be that he can’t hide his blushes is making great effort to keep up the rapport.

When he is trying to make this sort of good impression, you know he likes you.

He does an excellent job at ignoring you

Did you say this is wrong? Hold on and read it through. The fact that he’s ignoring you is not necessarily a bad omen. Most of the time, when a guy ignores a lady, it is because he is trying to play hard to get.

You know guys have this ideology that when they do that, it breeds interest and attraction in the lady. Another reason could be that he is too shy or nervous around you and is seeking how to spare his blushes.

Now that you know this, how can you fix it?

You need to create a line of communication by talking to him. It will help you know what exactly it is and most probably he will break a smile if he is interested. This point can be dicey though; he might be ignoring you because he is not affected. So you need to be very careful in using this as a judge of his feelings.

He requests for your number

Did you break a smile? It’s understandable because this one of the most natural signs to know if a guy is interested in you or not. A guy will only ask for your number if he sees a reason to see you again.

The only challenge with this is that you might find it difficult to separate the players from the responsible folk who want to build a relationship. Here’s a way to find out; the time lapse between when he collects your number and when he reaches out to you.

If he is calling you late on a Saturday night, then you might be a booty call. You should also check out how he acts when you guys are out together. Does he ask other ladies at random for their numbers as well? If he does, then that’s a red flag for you.

Here’s a fact. Ninety-five percent of the time, a man who hooks up with you for a booty call is not likely to invest in a working relationship with you.

Does He Like Me signs

He relates well with you on social media

Social media is a very crowded space where everyone can remain anonymous and do what they like. For example, we can chat with whomever we want, choose what pictures to like or comment on, be friends with whom we desire, etc.

When a guy is making an effort to hook up with your every move online, then it could be a significant pointer to the fact that he is interested in you if he starts to like all your pictures, including those that have no relation to him. Also, if he sends you messages first or is quick to respond to yours and he posts comments on your updates frequently, he might be interested in you.

However, when a guy takes ages to respond to your messages or gives you monosyllabic responses, then you know he’s probably just stringing you along.


He asks if you have a boyfriend

This question gives the guy’s intention away very quickly. Why would he inquire about your relationship status if he wasn’t interested in getting close?

A few of them might be more discreet about it, so they introduce themselves as being single. These guys are expecting that you respond in like manner and then they can advance their intentions.

You have to be very sensitive to the kind of topics they bring up and set yourself in position for a relationship to work out if you are interested.

He can’t keep his hands off you

Is that a smirk on your face? Him trying to touch is not necessarily bad. After all, it is inevitable that one of the ways guys express their feelings is through touch. A guy will frequently touch a woman he is attracted to, especially sexually.

These touches could be a hand around the shoulder, a tap on the wrist from time to time, a gentle nudge after a joke, etc. If you notice that the guy you are interested in uses almost any excuse to connect with your body physically then get ready. He is likely to express his true feelings any time soon.

You, however, need to watch out for the sexist guys who want to take advantage of you by touching you inordinately. When a guy starts to smack your bum or grope your body inappropriately, stay away.

He shows jealousy when you discuss with other guys

Jealousy is one of the most challenging feelings to mask. It is almost impossible. When your love interest is around, try talking to other guys and take note of his reaction.

If he starts to give you the cold shoulder or keeps away from you the whole day, he’s probably jealous. If he keeps looking from a distance wondering you might be discussing; then he is jealous.

To prove your point finally, try getting close to him again, showing him loads of attention. See how he reacts to this; it will help you judge rightly. If he starts to warm up to you again, he was jealous and had intentions about you.

he likes me

His body language

Just like they say, “the eyes are a window the heart, they never lie.” A guy’s body language also hardly ever lies. It takes you to spot and understand his every gesture towards you to tell if he has a thing for you.

If you notice that he leans in, bringing his face closer while you talk, then he probably is interested in you. If he is in the midst of several people and still finds time to turn around and make eye contact, he is most likely interested. If he places his hand close to yours on the table or always wants to sit close to you, then he sure has a thing for you.

Watch out for all these signs and more to figure this out. Your guy crush might just be crushing on you too.

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He pays attention to the little details

Ok, here’s an important tip. Guys hardly remember anything that isn’t important to them. If he makes an effort to remember the little details you have shared with him, then he likes you, at least probably.

Here’s a quick example. When you tell your love interest, you have a family dinner this evening to celebrate a family member’s birthday, and he inquires about it the next day. You wouldn’t keep such information close to heart if you weren’t dear to him.

If he does this, it means he is thinking about you, and this is a sign he wants to grow a relationship. After all, it’s not every day you see a guy that keeps these sort of details.

He makes the extra effort so you can notice him

You are likely to see that you begin running into your guy crush at places you didn’t use to before you guys met. When this happens, especially often, then it is safe to say that he is trying very hard to catch your attention.

Sometimes he might try so hard that he makes a scene while you are around with your friends. He could also try to do some show off so that you can notice him.

You should know that he won’t go all this way if he wasn’t nursing some feelings for you. You have to give him some credit for doing this, and while it might be fun watching, you also give him some more attention.

He teases you often

It is not just the female folk that like attention. Most people think the guys thrive on attention more than the females. You have had some guys tease you at some point in your life.

If a boy in your kindergarten class tugged at your hair or called you specific names and ran off, he did like you. You might be older now, but the same rule still applies.

Teasing is simply a way of telling a lady “I want to be more than your friend.”

He focuses on you alone

A guy’s instinct when an attractive girl walks past is to drink her in with his looks. A guy will always check out a lady when she walks past; it is only natural.

If you notice that when you are around, he hardly has time to look at other girls and is focused on you alone, then you some gold there. Him being into you is no longer debate at this point, it is obvious.

He most likely wants more from you, a budding relationship maybe. It is difficult to find a guy that focuses on you these days. When you find one, keep him.

He wants to be your solution provider

A guy always wants to be the hero of a woman he who captures his interest.  Even if he knows almost nothing about your need, he pushes himself to the limits to solve that problem.

It is crystal clear; he likes you. He will always search for solutions and go the extra mile when he wants you.

He showers you with attention

A guy only pays attention to what interests him. So when he’s sending you messages frequently, calling your mobile intermittently, hanging out with you, he likes you. No question about that.

When he wants to know more about your life and presents your gifts for no just cause, he is into you. You should note that there is a gulf between liking you and being a stalker.

Once he starts to act creepy, then you need to take to your heels. He isn’t the one for you; he might be more harm than good.

He avoids distractions when you are around

One easy way to know if a guy likes you is by noting what they focus their attention on. When he doesn’t fiddle with his phone or go on social media while you are discussing, it’s a good thing.

Whenever he hears you talking, he is completely engaged. He does away with every form of distraction. Men are known to be less fidgety when a woman they like has their attention.

When he is into you, the focus of his attention should be on you.

He always wants to hang out with you

Some guys will want to spend loads of time with you. In doing this, they might want you both to hang out a lot. It’s not wrong to want to do this, even if he’s not showing any form of romance.

You can take advantage of the time while he is still trying to build his morale to ask you out properly. Get to know more about him during this period. You might even discover if you don’t like him just as much to want to become romantically involved. 

He gives you lots of compliments

Compliments are a great way of knowing if he likes you or not. When he isn’t just talking about your boobs or bum, and he compliments every little detail, then that’s good.

You might notice that he compliments your new hairdo, nails, dress, smell, and even personality. Don’t take this for granted; there’s some diamond in the rubble.

He likes you so warm up to him.

He talks about the future with you

When a guy begins to tell you about his plans he is, definitely showing some form of interest. The truth is that as he speaks of this, he is most likely trying to fit you into his plans and wants to take the relationship long term.

Another reason why he could be doing this is that he is trying to make you see that he is no mediocre. He needs to know that he has a bright future that could feature you if you both can come to a romantic understanding.

Finally, he wants you to see that he has his life planned out and he trusts you enough to tell. He definitely can’t believe who he doesn’t like.

In conclusion, there are several ways to know a man who likes you. So there is no need to get yourself all worked up about the feelings you are developing for your guy crush.