212 Dog Memes: A Dog Meme Per Day Keeps You Smiling Everyday !

A dog meme is always welcome in anyone’s life because it generally brings joy. It is the type of image that melts our hearts and could be accompanied by a funny message or a fact that is humorous. What’s special about a dog meme is the fact that it contains all sorts of dog breeds, puppies and it sends a message that is usually positive. As it follows, you will find a wide collection of memes that you probably know and memes that you will see for the first time. In addition, there are also a few categories of memes with dogs that will make it easier for you to find the perfect one.


1. Dogs being basic presents a dog chilling in water

Although you can’t really confuse a dog with an alligator that easily, the funny part about this meme is the position of the dog chilling in water.


2. Owner is surprised by how much his dog likes a donut pillow

Not a known fact about dogs, namely to like donut pillows, the fact that this particular dog loved it makes it both comforting and funny.


3. A smiling dog is probably not angry

Although the sign next to this adorable dog says that the dog is angry, the picture above doesn’t send that message at all. It’s exactly this aspect that makes things funny and unexpected. Dogs aren’t known to be creatures that trick people unlike other animals.


4. A dog with full family rights


Like it or not, a dog will become part of the family just like a person. And sometimes, it will benefit from more perks that other family members; just like the dog above who took mom’s and brother’s place in the front seat of the car.


5. A small dog with a cape looks like a superhero

Since the dog in the picture is tiny and a bit chubby, its position and the cape that it is wearing make it look funny, not like a superhero. The humor of the situation makes this a marvel as a dog meme.


6. A dog eating another dog

Although having a health issue is not funny at all, the fact that this dog ate a piece of a game shaped like a dog could make you laugh.


7. The paternal look of a new daddy dog

Having a baby wakes up something in us, so wouldn’t it be the same in case of dogs? The look in the daddy’s dog eyes is priceless and it cannot express anything else but love.


8. Dog competition requires participants to wear a hot dog costume

Since dogs are excellent at being companions and entertaining their owners, there are tons of fun competitions organized for them and for their owners.


9. Striking similarities between father and son

If a human dad has a baby that looks very much like him, that’s a reason for joy. So is in the case of this dog family. This dog meme is particularly funny because both have the same tired eyes.


10. Owners dress up their dogs like soda bottles

Toy dogs or small dogs tend to be more amusing than bigger dogs. They are often the object of their owner’s entertainment. In this case, we have puppies dressed like soda bottles.

Types of Dog Meme – Funny Depiction of Dog’s Naturalness

Dogs can be funny just be being themselves, without having to be put in humorous situations. So, this category contains images with dogs being dogs and bringing joy through their naturalness. Of course, every picture comes with an according message that enhances the humor of the situation.


11. Pure joy expressed with a dog meme

Anyone with a dog as a pet knows what this dog meme is all about.


12. Humorous resemblance between a fantasy movie character and a dog


13. Dog’s facial expression is so revealing that is funny

The look in this canine’s eyes is really similar to a girl’s look when she would answer in a positive manner to the question above.


14. Birthday dog seems very pleased with his meal

Dogs aren’t hard to please creatures. If you feed them right and play with them, they will give you happiness in return.


15. Undoubtedly connection between different animal species

A dog meme that presents contrasts like the one above is a successful one. We don’t know if different animal species can communicate with each other, but we know they still have a connection.


16. Sometimes a dog is more expressive than a person

In order to highlight a silly aspect from people’s life, someone has used a hilarious image of a dog, shaping its tongue in a weird and skillful way.


17. Dogs like taking 9 hours naps too

This image presents a cranky dog who supposedly slept for 9 hours, although he was only supposed to take a nap. Isn’t that similar to what some humans would do?


18. Puffy and small dog fits perfectly inside the car

Coincidence makes this puppy to fit perfectly in a new car’s compartment that wasn’t made especially for dogs.


19. Cat rides a dog on the road to revenge

Do animals really have each other’s backs or it depends on species? The pairing above is unlikely because everyone knows that not all dogs get along with all cats.

Types of Canine Meme – Mature Dogs and Puppies in Humorous Situations

When you see the physical and behavioral resemblance between puppies and their parents you will most probably laugh. This is because they are cute beyond reason regardless of how serious they seem.


20. Dog gets a box full of his favorite toys

Tennis balls are this dog’s favorite toys and it manages to be happy for its present in a sincere and box-ripping way.

21. Cute puppy resting on the dish machine’s door

22. Father and son both doing the puppy eyes

23. Beautiful image captured in nature

This dog meme is not particularly funny, but it expresses beauty.

24. Father carrying its tiny puppies on each side

25. A dog who blinks has more success to humans

26. Bok Choy is a dog who looks like a cloud on a leash

Such a cute and fluffy dog is impossible to be mad at. This dog meme was created to show how adorable it is, even if it was almost the cause of an accident.

27. Over-friendly dog has become the school’s pet

28. Being in the mood for some chilling and cuddling

29. Dog wears Christmas tree lights around its neck

30. A husky dog who likes the snow more than the inside of its home

Types of Dog Meme – Dog’s Physical Expressions and Gestures Used to Send a Message

If you are a dog meme lover, then you know that there are plenty of it that actually express emotions. People use those in order to express their own moods and emotions, but by using memes with dogs. The reason is that canines send a positive message in an adorable manner.

31. Dogs are like children for some of us

32. Only a few people are actually funny when they sneeze

33. A fancy bulldog showing off its pedicure

34. A dog camouflaged among the autumn’s leafs

35. The humor of the situation expressed in a dog meme

36. Satisfied dog makes a very pleased face

37. Dogs can’t read our language, so its reaction is laughable

38. The seemingly grumpy look of a dog in car

39. Dogs won’t stop begging for food no matter what

40. Emotional meme shows two dogs cuddling

Types of Canine Meme – Dogs are People’s Toys in a Way

If you think about it, there are so many memes with dogs that depict them dressed in funny outfits or doing stupid stuff. These are without a doubt worthy of laughing for as long as no one is hurt in the process. Dogs can be silly or look silly easily, so that’s more fun for us.


41. There is no chocolate in that heart-shaped box

42. The face of a curious and bored dog

43. Five dogs sleeping in a big bed, under the cover

44. A dog sitting in that position can be subject to a lot of jokes

45. Tiny dog wants to climb, not lift weights 

46. Finding a name similar to your dog’s can be funny

47. Cute puppy resting on a person’s keyboard

48. Use a magnifying glass to make your dog’s face look funny

49. That dog’s face doesn’t not deserve no for an answer

50. Strong wind blows a dog’s fur

Types of Dog Meme – Declarations of Love

Often, you will see a dog meme that’s perfect for lovebirds. It could send a love message, it could be an invitation, or, why not, a heart full of dogs. The ideas are countless when it comes to this subject. Dog lovers usually gift each other dogs with love and from love for canines.

51. Simple dog and toy joining will make you laugh

52. Happy dog knows what the word “food” means

53. A dog meme meant to express political concerns

Although a dog meme should first of all be funny or cute, it can also send a more serious message. This can be done by using humor as well.

54. A dialogue between a dog and a barber

55. Dog makes the right face, at the right time

56. The resemblance between a dog and a philosopher is striking

57. How funny dogs look making people’s chores

58. A grumpy dog is nothing but adorable as well

59. Seven puppies means disastrous fun

60. Toy dog dressed up with special canine clothes


Types of Canine Meme – Political Concerns Expressed With Humor

As you have seen above, the picture with dogs sitting in politicians’ chairs, a dog meme can be used for political puns as well. Although not fully funny, the puns are intended to make us see the good in things, not just the bad. The fact that dogs were compared with politicians is not an offense for them, but for those who lead us.

61. Pregnant dog gets married and makes babies

62. Husky dog sticking its tongue out through a fence

63. Dirty golden retriever is compared to being chocolate dipped

64. Sentimental message showing how much dogs care

65. Curious dog becomes dog meme famous thanks to it

66. Especially good boy sits whenever its told to sit

67. A dog’s contempt facial expression can be used for multiple messages

68. The heartwarming image of a puppy and its older version

69. Man wears a shirt with his dog’s face and vice versa 

70. Dog gets spoiled more by parents than the son

Types of Dog Meme – Dogs Showing How Much They Care for Their Owners

A dog’s devotion for its owner is hard or almost impossible to measure. Often, they do so many adorable things, that it’s impossible not to take pictures of them and turn them into memes with dogs. You must surely know about the grand gesture made by an Akita dog. It has waited for its owner in a train station year after year until it died, without realizing that its owner was gone.


71. Dogs take showers too and look better taking them

72. Dog and man showing their affection for each other

73. Flowers and the image of a dog are enough to brighten your day

74. A dog who knows what it wants and gets it

75. An honest mistake was turned into a dog meme

76. The outcome was unexpected and welcome

77. A friendly dog who doesn’t discriminate 

78. Dogs are greedy when it comes to food too

79. A coincidence becomes a funny meme of a dog

80. A dog’s behavior that’s hard to explain

Types of Canine Meme – Maternity Photo-Shoots for Dogs

Since dogs become part of any family who owns one, you can’t be surprised by paternity photo shoots for dogs. Just because not everyone is doing them, it doesn’t mean they are wrong. On the contrary, being pregnant and giving birth might be just as special for a dog as it is for a human, but in their own ways.


81. Little dog gets so tired, it falls asleep outdoors

82. Dog meme present an unusual habit performed by a dog

83. Nine days until puppies arrive on this world

84. Incredible gesture makes doggy online famous

85. Puppies aligned on stairs send a positive message

86. Dogs are great at destroying things too

87. A dog can become the soul of a party

88. Eleven new born puppies and their mother

89. The seal is considered to be a water dog

90. A dog looks like its judging people just by looking at them

Types of Dog Meme – Damage Caused by Dogs

Dogs can do a lot of damage in one’s house. However, their owners have nothing else to do but forgive them. A dog meme that went viral is that with Susan, a dog owner who did memes with her trying to shame her dog for destroying some of her things.


91. Cat and dog trying to tolerate each other

92. Old dog is still in the mood for outdoor activities

93. Pets need stuffed animals as companions as well

94. A slogan that can be adapted as a pun

95. A dog’s birthday celebrated properly

96. Cats and dogs can be friends too

97. Doggy falls asleep in class

98. Dog meme copies viral photo pattern

99. Wafer the Dog being its lovely, lazy self

100. A connection that is hard to find


Types of Canine Meme – Cats vs. Dogs

A dog meme isn’t always just about dogs. Just because cats and dogs aren’t usually best friends, this doesn’t mean it never happens. Multiple memes with dogs contain emotional images of cats and dogs loving each other and playing with each other. In addition, there are also dog memes containing other animals that interact with dogs in funny or heart-warming ways.

101. Rescued dog has a priceless look on its face

102. Birthday dog enjoys the time it was adopted

103. Big dog problems portrayed in a dog meme

104. Simple dog situations compared to real life issues

105. The regional branch manager seen in action

106. Black humor is often used in memes for dogs too

107. A view that’s worth all your money

108. Dogs don’t need much to be grateful for

109. A dog who dreams about something happy

110. A way of taking your dog to college 


As you’ve seen so far, there are many types of dog meme and they are all funny or heartwarming in a way or the other. What’s great about them is that they usually arise positive thoughts and emotions. Also called man’s best friend, the dog is characterized by so many qualities that can only have a good influence on us. In addition, they have the power to make us laugh, thus having a relaxing and stress-releasing effect on us.

A dog meme can fall in multiple categories, so there’s something for everyone to like and lift up their spirits. As it follows, you will find even more memes with dogs that will definitely surprise you and make you smile without making an effort. They all come together with messages that you will find humorous in one way or the other. Moreover, you can spread the joy by sharing these memes with dogs with your friends and family! In this way, they will be in a happy mood as well!