55 Dumbest Laws Around The World, Believe The Unbelievable!

If you think there has never been an era, a place, and a reason for the world’s dumbest laws to ever exist, think again! There are weird laws while some are just plain dumb. In this piece of writing, we will recall the most cringe-worthy, fart-inducing laws that the leaders on this planet earth has ever created. I’m not sure how they came to existence, but they are sure bizarre and incredibly dumb by nature.Dumbest Law

Let’s Warm Up To The Dumbest But Slightly Subjective Laws

Arab Women Are Prohibited Drive

There was a time when women in Saudi Arabia were not allowed to take the driver’s seat. For some reason, the Arab country made it illegal for a fully capable woman to hit the road on wheels. Sick, right? Evidently, due to the world’s mockery to the country over the controversial dumb law, they finally recognized the right of Saudi women to drive. Albeit, they only settled the removal of the driving ban in September of 2017.

Interracial Marriage

The union of two people in love with each other knows no skin color, hair texture, and culture. Unfortunately, we live in a society that puts this type of union in an unbelievable prejudice. It’s one of the dumbest laws around implemented by jurisdictions who believe that racism is a right. In the United States of America, interracial marriage was against the law in the state of Alabama until the year 2000. Thankfully, they got rid of it.

Atheists Is Not Allowed To Hold Public Office

Did you know that many state constitutions forbid potential legislators to hold public office for being a non-believer of God? Aha! Many religious groups felt that atheism is Satanism, which led into stirring this fallaciousness. This old-fashioned law is dying as people become more aware of how dumb it is, yey! Atheism is not a BELIEF system nor a denial of God’s existence. It’s the lack of belief in the presence of gods, spirits, —even Satan!

Being Annoying Leads To Jail Time

Wait, (tilts head,) for real? Yes, as stupid and arbitrary as it sounds, vexing someone means jail time in the Philippines! “Unjust vexation” is what they call this strange law. I mean, to be fair, this law can make sense. BUT should only to some degree like involving harming someone. However, what makes this law super dumb is it’s vague, which can potentially be abused and misused by those spoiled, stuck-up brats. Clarity, please!

Walk Your Dog Three Times A Day Or Pay The Consequences

In Turin, Italy it’s mandatory to take your doggo for walks daily. Otherwise, the city’s council will fine you up to €500. Shallow? It’s not just a form of encouragement but rather enforcement. It’s a cool fact how much they value their pets. This animal rights law reduces animal abuse of any form, including abandonment. The number of times you’re mandated to walk your dogs daily is what I just find overly dramatic.

Your Baby’s Name Requires Approval

In Germany, giving your baby a gender-neutral name can land you in some trouble with the German law. The country’s reason behind this law is to ensure that a baby’s gender is clear with its name. Wow! So, if you’re naming your sprog ‘Hayden’ or ‘Casey,’ you have to check first how it sounds like for Germans? Although this certainly gets the message across in preventing parents of giving their babies odd names, it just doesn’t make sense.

Now, Let’s Get To The Even Hilariously Dumbest Laws Ever!

Samoan Men Should Never Forget Wifey’s Birthday

Ahh, this is a no joke to joke about for all the Samoan husbands. Turning this into an official crime to forget their wive’s birthday, leaving Samoan hubbies to be extra cautious in case you forget. If you’re not a Samoan and is about to get hitched with a Samoan woman, you better bring her to your motherland. It’s among the dumbest laws and yet, an eerie directive imposed by whoever runs the laws in Samoa, red alert!

Uhm, Does Anyone Know How To Reincarnate?

Okay, I understand that religious affairs and customs deserve respect. However, how the heck do you figure out a reincarnated creature? Not sure what transpired in China that led to the issuance of such decree. What a superb dumb law that can leave anyone dumbfounded. Please, anyone, enlighten me! So, if you die and attempts to be rebirthed, they will arrest your spirit and locked in a special jar?

It’s A Big ‘No-no’ To Flush The Toilet After 10:00 pm

Okay, Swiss love their silence, and they will do what it takes to maintain it even if it takes upholding a battery of laws. But I wonder, do they have bat-like ears to find a gush of flushing toilet bothersome? Bad news for those prone to upset tummies at night. The Swiss Homeowners’ Society is pushing people not to dump after 10:00 pm. Gosh! That sounds tough for anyone who ate a whole box of pizza by himself at night! Good luck with that!

No Skydiving For The Divorced And Widowed Women

Another stupid law at full swing is in Florida, USA. You can be arrested for Skydiving on a Sunday afternoon if you’re divorced or widowed. Could it be that the one who proposed it has an unclear bitterness over skydiving? Aha! It seems like someone is unable to move on from a past #couplegoals memory. Skydiving (as a well-known exciting activity for couples) is perhaps reopening some hurtful memories. I can be wrong, but this law is also wrong.

Don’t Drive With A Bear Uncaged

It’s one of those highly anticipated laws that are so ridiculous you can’t help yourself but laugh while crying. The legislators of Missouri are probably thinking that their people are losing common sense. For crying out loud, a bear is a dangerous animal with strong wild instincts. There’s no way that anyone would think about getting inside a vehicle with a massive bear sitting at the back seat. Of course, you ain’t driving carrying a dangerous animal without locking it in a cage. Duh!

It’s A Crime To Name Your Pig Napoleon

Napoleon Bonaparte is a worldwide hero hailing from France. Therefore, the French have such huge respect for their hero. Meaning, no one shall disgrace the former French military leader turned emperor at all cost, —not even as a tribute by naming a pig after him. Believe it or not, by doing so calls for trouble when the French government finds out that you named you chunky piglet Napoleon. It’s a surefire stupid law with an unclear source.

It’s Illegal To Collect Rainwater, I repeat RAINWATER!

I feel sorry for the farmers and landowners in Colorado for this dumb rule. It is the only state with an unmitigated ban on rainwater harvesting because it affects the other water-rights holders. Since when rainwater collection causes damage when it’s being utilized for farming purposes? It’s really complicated to understand how rainwater collection deprives other users. Not unless you are irresponsible enough to cause mosquito hazard.

The Greek Way Of Marriage Notice To Marry

How do you feel about publishing your wedding notice in a local newspaper? Or post it on a local community office notice board? In Greece, a couple who are about to tie the knot is required by law to make it public in this way. The country is definitely serious about this law. Submitting a copy of newspaper notice of intent to marry is your only way to obtain a marriage license. Oh well, if you plan to get hitched in Greece, make sure to save a copy.

You Can’t Talk Dirty While Having Sex

My biggest question is how on earth can anyone get caught in talking dirty while having sex? Unless it is done in public, then this rule has all the right reasons to forbid dirty talks. This crazy law sounds pretty sketchy to me. It seems to suggest that you could be having a secret audience watching your intimate activity. The idea of being possibly watched is way offensive than the law that outright ban talking sexually.

Driving While Blindfolded Is Illegal

As a responsible vehicle owner and diver in Alabama, you have to observe a gamut of laws. And one of the laws of this American state is the illegality of driving while blindfolded. I can imagine whoever proposed this had his proud ‘aha’ moment. The law puts the decision-making capability of the locals in Alabama in question. Are there many of them crazy enough to drive on the highway blindfolded? If that’s the case, then, the law serves right.

Wearing False Teeth Requires Approval From The Husband

Does this rule also apply in vice versa? In Vermont, a wife is only allowed to save herself from embarrassment and wear false teeth upon their husband’s approval. They need to submit written approval to their dentist. While it helps women take care of their dental health, the law only determines that such law is an outright prejudicial distinction. It sounds like the dental clinics in Vermont are earning pretty well with this very silly idea.

Smile Or Spend Time In Jail

Another obligatory rule of the Italians takes part on the list of the dumbest laws around. In Milan, the only events you are not required to smile is when you’re in a hospital and in the funeral. Other than that, it is illegal to frown around public places, or you will be arrested and fined. Sorry for those who can’t handle their temper, you may have to practice holding your fire and try your best to fake a smile. How sad.

It’s A Serious Crime To Tell Kids About The LGBT

Unfortunately, Russia has a huge problem with the LGBT community that enforce kids to believe that gays have no rights to exist. Russia’s president Vladimir Putin just recently made it a violation. One thing is for sure no one can stop children from being aware of the existence of gay communities. It’s a silly law implemented at the height of modern technology wherein everything can be found on the internet.

Drunk Farmers Are Prohibited To Operate Their Cows

Not just milking your cow, but all activities that involve operating a cow while intoxicated. This British rule might be funny but for your balls or face sake, just follow the law. You certainly don’t want to annoy a giant cow and kick your poor ruddy face until it knocks you down. That alone hurts. How much more if after getting stitches on your face you would have to pay a fine for getting kicked by a cow. So, leave your cow alone when drunk!

Men Kissing In Public With A Mustache Is Illegal

Shoutout to all the bearded hunks! The State of Iowa has a major problem with mustached men kissing women in public. If this law is indeed true, boy oh boy. You need to be mindful of your actions in public. Or better yet, don’t kiss your wife in public until you shave your mustache. It is better safe than sorry gentlemen! Whether this law is truth or fiction, it is sure silly enough to make anyone who discovers it laugh.

It’s Legal For Husbands To Hit Their Wives Once A Month

Somewhere around the 19th century in Arkansas, husbands are permitted to hurt their wives physically once a month. The wives are even required to kneel in front of their husbands to apologize regardless if they did something wrong or not. Well, those were the old days when women are literally considered as male property. It is worth celebrating that we were not born in the era.

Proxy Weddings Are For Real

No BS. A proxy bride or groom is permitted in Montana. The law is to help those serving in the military and can’t be with their brides or grooms on their wedding day. It’s interesting when they get old and to see pictures of their legalized proxy wedding. The strange fact means that a union done in such practice will still be considered valid. In situations that both the bride and the groom are available, they can hire proxies to represent them both!dumbest law

Thais Value Their Currency To A High Level

Asian countries are admired and very much well-known for strange traditional practices and blue laws. One of which including receiving bad luck for actions that are offensive such as stepping on their currency. In Thailand, doing this whether by accident or intentional will put you in trouble with the law. Stepping on money is a huge deal for the Thai Authorities that they will not hesitate to give you the bad luck themselves.

No Chewing Gum Unless You Have Medical Proof

The silly law is not new, and many countries are aware of Singapore’s firm restriction in chewing gum. Luckily, the Singaporean government ruled out using chewing gum for medical reasons. If you’re not sick, you have to have the balls to proof your sticky gummy’s therapeutic value. Otherwise, prepare to pay a thousand to $2000 fine. Ouch!!

Scotsmen On Kilts Are Not Allowed To Wear Underwear

This law can either make a man comfortable the other way around. Just imagine walking down the street in a skirt (no pun intended) and feel your balls rubbing against your thighs? Although it has some perks too. It’s easier for men to pee, plus you get an airy feel down there. Just be careful of the gust of wind. Unless you don’t mind a peek-a-boo of your willy. Whoops!

You Can’t Die Until You Have A Burial Plot

If China forbids reincarnation, The French town of Sarpourenx restricts dying unless they have purchased a plot in a local cemetery to rest in peace. Perhaps, the council of this town should start searching on how to control death in case of emergency, such us not purchasing a plot in the cemetery. Or maybe, don’t give a damn if the family of the one who passed can bury their dead somewhere else.

Keeping A Single Goldfish In A Bowl Is Considered Hostage

In the bouts of Italy against animal cruelty have gone as far as making it illegal to have a single pet goldfish alone in a bowl. The Italian animal rights advocates believe it is considered a hostage to keep a goldfish in a bowl without a companion. In case you’re caught breaking this law, you pay a huge fine. If you find Italians crazy in legalizing this directive, the Swiss government also support the same law in their country.

It Is Illegal To Be Obese In Japan

There are two viewpoints that sparked this law. It’s not a discrimination against people who are overweight, but rather it is to train the Japanese people in healthy eating and weight management. Japanese people are known to be living healthy. Of course, there are exemptions to this anti-obesity law. Japanese people who became obese due to a medical condition are not affected by this law.