170+ Friday Meme Examples to Increase Happiness Around the World

Is Friday a simple day of the week or there is something special about it? Well, for most people, Friday marks the beginning of the weekend and the end of a full week of work. However, even those people who don’t get to have free time during the weekends can appreciate a Friday meme.

A Friday meme is meant to change your mood, lift your spirits, remind you what day of the week it is, point out irony and so on. Even though they are very varied, if you are a true fan, then you’ll know there are certain categories in which they fall. As it follows, you have the chance to browse the best Friday meme suited for what you have in mind, and learn about other types as well.


1. Friday is always welcome


2. Another reason to keep calm

3. A reason to celebrate every week

4. You must cheer up without excuses

5. It’s time for a hot cocoa 

6. A Friday meme that gives you confidence

7. A pertinent comparison between moods

8. Delete all your alarms for now

9. Try and stay productive on Friday

10. Groomed and dressed up for Friday


The Most Common Type of Friday Meme

Since there isn’t just one type of Friday meme, let’s talk about the most common category. A basic Friday meme consists of a colored background and a written message. This combination is the simplest one and it’s effective too. The fact that you can easily send a message in a less boring way is great, right? A simple text message doesn’t have the same impact on people, even if it’s hilarious.

So, if you want to keep things simple, but still want to laugh a bit with a Friday meme, then choose a basic one. Conversely, you have a wide variety below to choose from and make someone’s day happier. Or, why not, express your feelings through it.


11. Ruff days are over

12. That’s the right attitude

13. A special face for a special day

14. Albert Einstein’s Friday face

15. Making a sprint out of the office

16. Nothing can go wrong

17. Leave everything for Monday

18. Leaving work in a rush

19. There’s no feeling like this one

20. Freedom sounds very exciting


Keep Calm and … Weekend Meme

Keep calm and.. is how numerous memes out there start. This is a pattern created by the British government in 1939 and it read “Keep Calm and Carry on”. It was related to World War II and it was supposed to make the British people think in a more positive manner regarding their overall situation.

These days, the message was taken and altered in numerous ways. It sometimes has the purpose of making people laugh, while other times it really speaks about being calm and patient and waiting for certain something to happen. In this case, the only way you can keep calm is by waiting for Friday in a less-stressful way.

This type of Friday meme usually looks pretty simple, without emphasis on the background image. It might include actors or famous people, but that’s not necessary.


21. You can’t be wrong about Friday

22. The type of Friday activity

23. Spending your Fridays to get a good deal

24. You don’t really need Black Friday

25. Be merciful on Friday

26. Nothing exciting to do on Friday

27. Monday is problem-solving day

28. Please don’t be a fool 

29. What’s your favorite F word?

30. Friday makes us better athletes


Describe Friday in a Personalized Meme

While other people are waiting calmly for Friday to arrive, you can take matters into your own hands and describe how waiting for Friday is for you or how you perceive Friday. In this regard, you can simply search a Friday meme that matches your vision about this weekend day.

Such meme is suitable to post on social media, to send to your friends, family and so on. It speaks about how you feel about Friday, what are your plans maybe. For example, many people choose images of cats and dogs and other animals too that make funny, but positive faces. They compare the contempt on their faces with the feeling they get from the arrival of Friday.


31. Imagine Friday as a person

32. Here is for a funky Friday

33. Pick Friday activities wisely

34. Don’t mess with the wrong guy

35. Nicki Minaj’s enthusiasm is contagious

36. Piglet successfully delivers a message

37. Freaking Friday is the right time

38. Don’t lose your job on Friday

39. That lightweight feeling

40. The best part of remembering


Express Feelings of Contempt With a Friday Meme

The vast majority of people who are hard-working and don’t work on weekends really desire for Friday to come. Besides just waiting for it and enjoying it, they also like to express how much contempt it brings to them through a meme.

Such contempt can be expressed by using pictures with regular people, actors, singers, animals or even yourself. It’s about searching for that facial expression that can transfer emotions to the one who is looking at it. In this way, you’re not only telling people how you feel, but you might even influence them to feel the same, or just simply make them smile.


41. Don’t get caught in a trap

42. A love message in a Friday meme

43. Freedom unlocked for the weekend

44. A consistent reason for enthusiasm

45. Best rhyme ever

46. Even kids love Fridays

47. A simple love and hate game

48. Friday can be chill too

49. Friday meme encourages weirdness 

50. Squirrel enjoys Friday with you


Guess How Friday Would Look Like

Another type of Friday meme, is that trying to put a face on Friday. Depending on how people feel about the fifth day of the week, they are trying to find a face, human or not, that would represent Friday. This makes memes turn out quite funny and that’s exactly what a meme is supposed to do; to make its viewers laugh and release the every day tension.

If the thought of Friday makes you want to jump and start dancing, then look for images that express just that. If, on the contrary, you see yourself watching TV all night, find something that matches your desire. As soon as you do, you can share it with your friends and find out if you think in the same way.


51. Super speed power acquired on Friday

52. A glamorous ride invitation

53. Caught in Spiderman’s web

54. No one works hard on Friday

55. Tell yourself that

56. Friday meme expressing contempt

57. You have to try harder

58. The downside of being an exception

59. Friday’s face revealed 

60. Wipe that grim off your face


Guess What… Friday Meme

As if you didn’t know Friday is around the corner, there are memes especially done to act as reminders. Those are not as funny as other types of memes about Friday, but they might contain puns. Usually, what comes after “guess what” is predictable, but it can still be humorous.

“That moment when…” is also a great start for a Friday meme. It is not used very frequently, but it is still part of multiple compositions.


61. Looking for Friday

62. Chronology and geometry equal Friday

63. Waiting is the worst part

64. No message required 

65. Engaging the speed of light

66. Feel the weekend with all your senses

67. Friday marks the beginning of the weekend

68. Freddy Kruger is a part of a Friday meme too

69. Best surprise ever

70. Best looks award goes to Friday


Expectation vs. Reality on Friday

Friday is the last working day of the week, so people usually have plans about what they do after work. Some of them, however, think about doing really cool stuff, but never end up doing. Expectation versus reality memes are great to express the situation described above. You will find an image divided in two; one side will talk about what you would have liked to do, while the other side would show what you are really doing. This is both disappointing and funny.

Going from funny to mean is really easy in case of memes. So, pick a Friday meme according to whom you want to send or where you want to post it. You wouldn’t want people to react negatively to an expectation vs reality meme. Also, as a general life advice, try to keep your expectations to a minimum.


71. Cats know how it’s done

72. Ironic Friday meme presents a smoking nun

73. It’s beer time on Friday

74. Jesus approves Friday as well

75. Jason gets in line with Freddy

76. Adorable puppy needs the weekend too

77. Bored French bulldog need the weekend’s excitement

78. A different attitude towards the weekend

79. Be awesome on Friday

80. Make casual Friday official


Type of Friday Meme  – Black Friday

A standalone category of Friday meme, Black Friday is about something else entirely. The memes about Black Friday are referring to the contrast between Thanksgiving day and the fact that people go on a shopping spree the next day. The point is that they were all grateful one day before for exactly what they had, so why would they step on each other the next day for items they didn’t need anyway. It’s about being a hypocrite, so this means it’s not the funniest type of meme.

Another thing a Black Friday meme can refer to is the crowded stores. You will see tens of pictures with stores that are filled to the max, with people fighting over various items, and so on. In addition, you will read sarcastic and judgmental lines about what happens on Black Friday in America.


81. Passion is needed for a great weekend

82. Even sheep enjoy the weekend

83. Friday meme presents the biggest smile

84. Leave your inhibitions away

85. Don’t disappoint the pup

86. Friday keeps getting late

87. I thought it was Friday

88. You must hold on tight

89. Bears riding horses

90. Friday is a party starter


Friday Meme – A Way to Get the Party Started

The way people prepare for a party is the most important aspect. The party itself doesn’t change anyone’s mood if they don’t want to be there in the first place. So, a Friday meme can build up the party mood if it’s done right and sending the right message. In this regard, there are lots of memes that mimic conversations between girls getting ready for a party, or memes with guys talking about beer after work.

The point is that we can relate to these memes and we can use them to drag others with us to an awesome party on a Friday night. Images are very suggestive and they have a higher impact on a person than just text. This means that a proper visual stimulation will guarantee a night out with your friends.


91. The sad true 

92. Let the party begin

93. Friday and fermentation go hand in hand

94. Start the baboon dance

95. Take a wild guess

96. Make sure no one is following you

97. Let the adventure begin

98. Beer is on its way

99. No partying for you

100. Who knows about the Friday dance?


Friday Means Nothing to Some People Memes

To your surprise, there are people who couldn’t care less about Friday. The reason they don’t care could be because they are working on weekends as well or because they don’t normally do anything special on that day. For example, those individuals who don’t party all night, will never know how much time is needed to recover after a night of party and how getting up on Monday morning would feel like. This type of people doesn’t have bad intentions. They just life a different lifestyle.

A meme with a puppy dressed in pajamas who is asking if they can sleep in because tomorrow is Saturday is cute and somehow cozy. If that’s the feeling you get from a Friday, then you will easily find memes that express just that. Friday can be considered a mood, not only a simple day when people do the same things together.


101. One more reason to party

102. A very deceiving man

103. Your face says it all

104. A good reason for a bright smile

105. Go get what you want!

106. Put on your Friday outfit

107. Ready, set, go!

108. Friday meme includes a golden heart

109. Frankenstein’s offspring smiles for Friday

110. Jump as high as you can

111. Stay fresh for the weekend

112. Express yourself freely

113. The feeling of contempt is worth waiting for

114. Can’t stress that enough

115. Set the mood and go with it

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116. Mona Lisa’s emotional instability

117. Time for a dark, twisted fantasy

118. Illogical rhymes in a Friday meme

119. Too much enthusiasm 

120. Get down on Friday with Jason

121. You don’t like Friday?

122. Best way to find out

123. Friday is for sexy girls

124. What’s your favorite F word?

125. Beer Friday everywhere

126. Mix up your dancing routine

127. It’s a good day to chill with Chuck Norris

128. Friday meme presents a fun fact

129. Silly pup knows what’s up

130. How do you imagine Friday?

131. Friday doesn’t impress him

132. No need to get emotional

133. Don’t make mistakes on Friday

134. Not everyday is Friday for humans

135. Don’t mistake weekdays

136. No one is watching football

137. Reality isn’t anywhere near expectation

138. Friday meme for the best day of the week

139. Food, Friday, Fbeer

140. Even the sound of Friday is nice

141. It always comes eventually

142. The irony in a black Friday meme

143. There’s nothing crueler than that

144. Don’t call in sick

145. Wallmart is no destination for a Black Friday

146. Shake that booty

147. Confusion starts settling in

148. One of the best feelings

149. TGIF is not correct

150. Friday even gets babies drunk

151. Friday makes cats smile

152. Pointing out the irony of the situation

153. The most expected day of the week

154. What’s your favorite Black Friday part?

155. Don’t be late for Friday

156. black Friday means insanity

157. Both Friday and Black Friday

158. Fridays and sausages

159. Saturday mornings are for sleeping

160. Generosity is stronger on Fridays

Not having to wake up the next morning makes this gentleman more generous than he would be on a regular week night. So, don’t miss going out on Friday!

161. Friday meme for fun

162. A very important announcement

163. You must take a baby in a suit seriously

164. Baby’s priceless facial expression

165. The serenity a Friday meme can bring

166. Another version of how Friday looks

167. Monday versus Friday

168. Working is different on Friday

169. Two thumbs up for Friday

170. Better leave it for Monday

171. Your Friday just got better

172. The best word that starts with an F

173. A Friday meme is nothing but funny


A Friday meme is available for you every Friday for the rest of your life. Yes, that’s how many Friday memes are out there to make you laugh, put you in the mood for party, or even remind you that Friday is closer than you think! If you are not sure what you’re looking for, then just browse through them and stop at one that tells you something.

A Friday meme should be about changing one’s mood in a good way, making him or her feel comforted, excited, enthusiastic, easy going, relaxed and so on. Moreover, you might stumble upon Black Friday memes that treat the situation with a lot of wit and shouldn’t be taken too seriously anyway. Everyone does what everyone pleases. That stands for Fridays as well!