128 Gypsy Tattoos You’ll Surely Love

So many tattoo designs out there have become so repetitive, that getting one does not seem so cool anymore. What else can you ink your skin with besides stars, butterflies, skulls, birds, dragons, and fishes? Well, have you heard about gypsy tattoos? You definitely has to see how uncommon and totally fascinating they are. Here are some of the best yet unique designs out there that would surely inspire the first or the  next tattoo that you will have on you. The location of the tattoos are pretty helpful as well. Browse around for that tat that would put you at the top coolest people anyone has ever met in their lives.

1. Keeping it Simple

We know there is nothing simple about getting a gypsy tattoo. All the complex designs, details, and perfect imitation of an actual face and not a cartoon-ish one mean that gypsy tattoos are complicated. It requires so much talent and extensive practice to be able to pull off a proper gypsy tattoo. By simple, we only mean the colors – keeping it black and white…because as you can see later, a fully colored one will totally blow your mind.

It may only be black but look at the details on this one – the shading, the shadows, the lines, and proportions, the curves and everything in this gypsy tattoo is just incredible. Wear it proudly on your arm.


Another great location for a monochrome gypsy tattoo is the thighs. You can go crazy with its size and consequently can put so much design that you want to add. For example in this one, you have the beautiful face of a woman but still you can put huge flowers. If you wish for a tat as elaborate as this or even more, this is area where you want it to be.


But of course, another obvious strategic location for big amazing tattoos are the back. The surface makes it a lesser hassle for the artist as well since there are no immediate curves and edges. All is great but just watch out for the pain. Yikes!

4. …and Your Favorite Things

What is even more amazing than having a beautiful gypsy tattoo? Well, it is incorporating the things you love best into it! It is expressive and subtle and very artistic at the same time. It is a very cool way for self expression in an abstract and symbolic way. What things are you fond of? Or known to be so much into about?

Are you split between the make up enthusiast and the tough inked girl? That does not always have to be a problem, nor is it polar ends of a situation that cannot be altogether expressed. After all make up and tattoos are both art. Both require skills in drawing lines, creating shadows, doing the right shading, mixing up the right colors, and so on. Wear your emblem proudly as a lover for make up or for all things girly and merge it up with your love for tats!

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Do you love casino games? Or perhaps you simply want to represent what a risk taker you are in life. Maybe you gamble with your decisions – the all or nothing type. Well, either you have a love for game of chances or you are the bold type of person, you might want to get that impression in your gypsy tattoo as well.


You can represent your love for music through your gypsy tattoo in so many ways. Besides putting musical notes on or having the pretty girl hold a musical instrument, you can for sure scream to the world how you are a gypsy and a musician at the same time.

7. With Your Spirit Animal

Many people have animals that represent the kind of spirit that they have in themselves. For example, some are dominant as a lion, friendly as puppies, free as birds, deceptive as snakes, and so on. Well, every time someone puts an animal along their gypsy tattoo, it does not always mean it is their spirit animal. Although that is one way to interpret it but sometimes it can simply mean an animal they like or find cool enough to get inked on them.

Are you tough as a bear? Cuddly as a bear? Misunderstood to be daunting but actually just a softie like a bear? Gather your reasons and descriptions together and pick that animal that embodies all of it together.


If you are the type of person who is not taking anyone else’s rudeness and fakeness and whatever attitude, then perhaps a tiger suits you. Show them your fierceness. And with the tat’s location by your lower arm, it is so easy to ward off those annoying people. This is like your talisman against all them nuisances.


For sure, you already know that life is not a race and that everyone has his own timeline. But that does not mean you cease to be competitive! You still want to be the best at your own game. Perhaps you are beating your own pace and successes before. However you put it to be, a cheetah looks great for a gypsy tattoo.


Another enticing cat cousin would be the leopard. It is not only fierce but also quite fashionable. Now if you are both ready to pounce on things that you hate or to pounce on for prey, but you also like to keep it classy and chic, then this animal is your best friend. Plus leopards are not that common in tattoos. People most likely opt for tigers. So if you are among that rare percent of people who want to be set apart from everyone else, then this gypsy tattoo is definitely for you!


As stealth as a panther – if this animal represents your silent struggles and successes, then perhaps you should have it inked on your skin. Panthers can be quite cautious in their movements. They are barely noticeable until it is very late for their prey to run for their lives. Like you, maybe you work hard on your goals humbly, silently, slowly but surely, and then one day you are just suddenly going to stand tall proud of what you have accomplished. You would be catching everyone off guard.


Where can we even start in describing how amazing wolves are? Aesthetics wise, they are very cute. But despite looking fluffy, they are not all soft and are actually also very strong, protective, and loyal. They can be both friendly and dangerously serious at the same time. If you carry the same personality as them, then most definitely you need them put together with your gypsy tattoo.


Yeah sleeve tats are cool, but have you seen those that occupy the whole leg? It is a very amazing location where you can put in as many things as you love – like a gypsy tattoo with a horse. It is not just an ordinary horse too but something that seems to have came out from a fantasy film. A horse my signify your athletic interests, fitness, elegance, or simply the love for horse.


Who are not mesmerized by butterfly tattoos. There is a reason why they are so popular. They look fragile but strong at the same time. They look beautiful like an artist living a carefree and wonderful life. They seem to admire and accept even the negativity of life. They are like the rainbows after a storm. They seem to be not forcing life to be all butterflies but finds beauty in the entirety of it. If you love this impression of butterflies, then why not incorporate one into your gypsy tattoo?


This example of  a gypsy tattoo is rare and really very pretty. It is so creative to a point that it looks as if a real butterfly is perching on top the person’s hand.The color is amazing as well. A lot of people go for blue butterflies but they are not usually in this kind of color combination, design, or the mere brightness and hue of the this blue. You might as well model your gypsy tattoo exactly as this one.


Butterflies are often associated with being colorful, so having your gypsy tattoo with a butterfly this color or non color would totally be unique. If you are up to something uncommon yet definitely beautiful, then this perfect for you!


Bats are not a usual theme for tattoos, but for gypsy tattoos it is totally safe and acceptable to incorporate it to the design. Bats are pretty accurate with their flight and direction due to their radar capability. They are very sensitive to sound as well. If you are as reliable as a bat, like a superhero it sounds like then it is very understandable why you would want to have a bat on your gypsy tattoo. Maybe you are a goal driven person who knows where he is going to, or maybe you wish you know your direction in life. Either way bats can represent you having or your lack these skills.


Snake can mean a lot of things. More often than not, it is associated with evil things. Perhaps it is because of how snake is popularly known in the Bible as a tempter. People see snakes as danger, treachery, betrayal, sin, curse, and everything else bad. However, snake can actually also mean something good. Like how snakes shed skin as they grow, snakes can also represent one’s improvements in life or that start of something new. Do not hesitate to get a snake with your gypsy tattoo as they can mean your every developing self, career, health, and so on.


This gypsy tattoo is kind of tricky. Wrapped around the girl can look like a snake but it also kind of appears like the body and tail of a dragon especially with that color. It can also be a tentacle of an octopus perhaps. Either it is one thing or everything of these, for sure it does look cool. If you like tattoos that can have people guessing and interpreting things by themselves as reflections of who they are and what they are thinking, then this might absolutely be the one you were looking for.



A chameleon for a tattoo? How often do you see that? This is a very genius idea to get a tat as colorful as you can. There are only a few designs that you can use if you want so much color such as rainbows and flowers. But who has ever thought of a chameleon? For sure, only a very few! If you love playing with colors without making it awkward such as on things that are not actually colorful, then your definitely have to get a chameleon along your gypsy tattoo. Take a note with how the colors are combined in this example unless you are an expert on color combinations and can do better than this.

22. Face Paint

No we are not talking about putting a gypsy tattoo on your face. But there is this brilliant idea of having a gypsy tattoo with an elaborate designs on its face. It kind of look like Mexico’s Dia de Muerto or Day of the Dead in English. These is a very artistic way to have a refreshing gypsy tattoo. As most of them look the same, this style can make it look a bit of a marriage between cultures and different variety of art.





27. Sorceress

Gypsies are often associated with some kind of magic. It is just fitting to portray them this way. Although of course it is stereotypical.



There are so many ways that you can do with your gypsy tattoo. You can get creative with it as long as you retain its essence and apparent concept. So what kind of tattoo are you getting soon?