what does IMO Means

This Is What the Acronym IMO Means (9 Different Definitions)

The advent of the internet and the evolution of social media has brought with it a lot of abbreviations. These abbreviations make typing easier and faster. They are more like codes used over the internet.

In this post, we consider one of the most popular of such abbreviations, IMO.

what does IMO Means

IMO – Definition and Overview

This acronym is an abbreviation that is utilized on the internet to make texting faster and save more space. It is used in writing captions for posts on Instagram, Facebook posts, texts messages, chats, and tweets. Asides saving time, they help to convey the most serious messages in a casual manner, giving it an informal feel.

Saving space is really important when posting online. Twitter allows 150 characters, Instagram allows a thousand, while texts are also really short. This means you need to keep the words as short as possible. You must also maintain the theme of the message you intend to pass.

This is where acronyms like IMO come into play. It is key to expressing your opinion on certain matters. Since you are itching to know what it means, IMO is an acronym for “in my opinion.”

Here’s a simple example:

IMO, Joel deserved way more than Sanchez.

Understanding what an acronym means is one thing, being able to use it is a totally different ball game.

Using the IMO acronym

Prior to the arrival of social media on the scene, we were more disposed to writing words in their complete form. After all, there was no point using shorthand in mails except when coded language was necessary. Lingo was pretty straightforward at the time but social media has caused a lot of changes.

These days we have several social media platforms and the use of abbreviations may differ with respect to each platform. Not to forget that individuals also make use of acronyms differently which may bring about different meanings.

The position of an abbreviation also goes a long way to determine what it means in a sentence. Usually, IMO can be used anywhere in a sentence and really its meaning doesn’t change. The idea behind its use is to buttress the fact that an individual is trying to bare his or her opinion.

Use of IMO on Twitter

One of the major social media platforms where the acronym is used the most is Twitter. Twitter has a reputation for being a space for intellectual discussions. It is not strange to see people confront each other trying to enforce opinions in the best way possible.

IMO “in my opinion” is one way to subtly pass your message without being confrontational about it. What you do is explain your own view and allow others to accept or reject it. The acronym is clearly one of the best ways of being subjective with your opinion on the app.

“In my opinion” is very similar to “don’t @ me” which is another popular phrase on Twitter. With this phrase, you can tell someone to go to hell and the fellow looks forward to the ride. It softens your opinion, making it easier for someone else to accept it.

Check out an example below:

You can say: Gerald is racist.

Using IMO: IMO Gerald is racist.

Looking at the first statement. It is direct and would be very offensive, especially to Gerald or anyone who likes him. This could easily spark a feud that wouldn’t end well.

The second statement is basically the same as the first, the only difference is the use of IMO. The introduction of the acronym makes the statement less confrontational and more subtle. It is less likely to provoke a negative reaction at the end of the day.

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IMHO – An alternative to IMO

IMHO is commonly used as a replacement term for IMO on different social media platforms, especially Twitter. It means “in my honest opinion.” IMHO is considered as a more subtle way of passing a message than IMO.

It is quite funny saying “in my honest opinion” because no one gives an opinion that isn’t honest. This is why most people prefer using it as “in my humble opinion” which is even subtler. Whichever you decide, it can be fun using any or switching between them.

A poll was taken by BuzzFeed recently to finally end the war on which statement was correct. Of course, the poll went viral and had so many people cast their vote. About 57% of the polls, which is well over 100 000, went for “humble” as the better word.

There are several other acronyms used on the internet that are related to opinion. We will enumerate them shortly. Regardless of what version or alternative you pick, be sure of its use before deploying it. By the way, you may just spell out the words of the sentence to make life easier.

Other acronyms related to Opinion

As we have stated earlier, there are several other alternative acronyms that are related to opinion. In this section of this post, we take a look at different related acronyms to IMO.

  1. ATMO – According To My Opinion
  2. HAHOOY – Have A High Opinion Of Yourself
  3. IANAL – I Am Not A Lawyer (it is considered as an uninformed opinion)
  4. IMAHO – In My Absolutely Honest Opinion
  5. IMAO – In My Arrogant Opinion
  6. IMBO – In My Biased Opinion
  7. IMCO – In My Considered Opinion
  8. IMEO – In My Educated Opinion
  9. IMHO – In My Humble Opinion
  10. IMMAO – In My Most Arrogant Opinion
  11. IMNSHO – In My Not So Humble Opinion
  12. IMOO – In My Own Opinion
  13. IMPO – In My Personal Opinion
  14. IYO – In Your Opinion
  15. JMHO – Just My Humble Opinion
  16. MHO – My Honest Opinion
  17. MOO – Matter Of Opinion/My Own Opinion
  18. MPO – My Personal Opinion
  19. NMO – Not My Opinion
  20. TINALO – This Is Not A Legal Opinion

Some of these acronyms are not so common. This means that you might cause some form of confusion when you use them. To avoid this sort of ambiguity, it is imperative that you just use the regular IMO acronym.

Other meanings of IMO

We thought you should know that asides being an internet slang, IMO is also a regular abbreviation. These other abbreviations are not as common but are relevant and are in use by the appropriate quarters. You should know about these abbreviations so you don’t use the internet slang wrongly.

These are the other common meanings of IMO:

  1. In memory of
  2. International Maritime Organization
  3. International Meteor Organization
  4. International Meteorological Organization
  5. International Math Olympiad
  6. Intelligent Medical Objects
  7. In My Office
  8. Irish Medical Organization
  9. Internet Mail Only

Examples of sentence use of IMO as used on the internet

There are several ways the acronym can be used. In this section of the post, we will look at the different ways it can be used.

  1. IMO football is a really interesting game.
  2. She fakes her American accent IMO.
  3. You should never wear something so revealing to a satisfy others IMO.
  4. IMO our electoral system should be void of external influence.
  5. Racism is really barbaric IMO.
  6. A holier than thou attitude IMO is really sickening.
  7. He was protesting the loss of points unnecessarily IMHO.
  8. IMO a rebranding of this organization is imperative.
  9. The opening statement IMHO was too compelling.
  10. Turnover is costly for companies. Despite this, they should pay well to keep employees IMO.
  11. IMO this is the most vibrant transfer activity by the club since forever.
  12. Both individuals are hotheads IMO which is why that comment should never have been made.
  13. IMO he did not sound too condescending, his words were just misunderstood.
  14. The couple should be standing together IMO. I wonder why they were asked to stand apart.
  15. IMO Lion King is a really cool movie.
  16. Both individuals are equally talented IMHO, either would be a great addition to our organization.
  17. IMO the sentence by the judge was a bit too stern.
  18. She makes a great companion IMO.
  19. Richard is a really misunderstood fellow IMO, he’s got a good heart.
  20. IMO working out daily is non-negotiable.

Understanding how to use IMO

Really, there are no specific rules for using this acronym. It is required that you take time to understand it and use it appropriately to avoid ambiguity. There are a few things you can do to help you understand how to use IMO better.

  1. Read more about internet vocabulary. Asides the regular vocabulary, there is something called internet vocabulary. Study posts that talk about internet vocabulary. It will help you understand how to use IMO and other acronyms used in internet lingo.
  2. Go through other people’s posts. This is the easiest way to understand the use of the acronym. Check the posts of people you follow on different social media platforms.

What does IMO mean Roundup

Now that you understand what IMO means, it has become easier to use it in communicating on the internet. Hopefully, this article would have provided you more than just the meaning of the acronym. Share your examples of the use of IMO with us in the comments section.

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