Awesome, Cute, Funny & Flirty Instagram Captions for Your Posts

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. Almost everyone has this app on their phones these days. It owes its popularity to its photo and video sharing attributes.

To help you build a strong profile on the app, we have brought you the most interesting captions ever.

Instagram Captions

An overview of Instagram

Instagram has over 500 million users and the number is growing by the hour worldwide. This app is owned by Facebook. It was designed specifically to allow users to share their videos and photos with the rest of the gram.

Following quite a number of people and spending a few minutes on the app could lead to addiction. So many people cannot do without visiting the gram and spending a few minutes on it within the hour. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple app store.

If you own any smartphone, then you can enjoy free access to Instagram, although local data charges may apply. With simple filters on your phone and on the app, you can tweak photos and videos. These can be shared with your numerous friends and fans all over the world.

What is an Instagram caption?

It is important we clear the air about Instagram captions once and for all. In the clearest of terms, a caption is that text you write beneath your photo on Instagram.

This is an opportunity given by the makers of the app to you to explain your photo or video. You have a thousand-word limit so it is important to make it count.

The caption can be funny, cute, flirty, or bear any other theme. What matters is that it passes your message clearly. To add some style and make your post easy to find, you could add some hashtags to the caption.

Instagram captions and quotes

One of the most interesting aspects of social media is that you can have friends you’ve never met. This means that the photos you share on Instagram can reach the ends of the earth. That alone is a reason to ensure that you have interesting captions and quotes.

With these captions, you are sure to attract likes and followership. Just in case you didn’t know, with large followership you could turn your account into a money-spinner. A lot of celebrities are making huge amounts from people liking their pictures daily. That is asides becoming influencers that provide promotion for various products on the market.

By now you must agree that having an interesting Instagram caption is very important. It is an art everyone on the gram should master. Without mincing words, it can be really difficult trying to figure out what words and tones to use for captions.

This is why we have written this post. To help you with samples of funny, cute, best Instagram captions to use. All you’ll need to do is gain some inspiration and tweak the words for your own posts.

Funny captions to keep your Instagram followers laughing

  1. Modern family: Take a breather and enjoy a moment of sunset daily.
  2. I was told this shouldn’t be tried at home. I went to my friend’s home to try it.
  3. Did you know my bed is so magical? When I lay on it, all my memories return.
  4. What’s your second favorite F-word? Mine is Friday.
  5. Winner is an acronym for wine and dinner.
  6. Mosquitoes think I’m really attractive, am I alone of this?
  7. Hold my beer, let me demonstrate the mating call of a blue whale. Guess who said that, my stomach.
  8. If there was an award for laziness, I’d send someone to accept it on my behalf.
  9. Here’s a wise saying I found interesting. Money will follow you when you do what you love. Well, I just did, I ordered pizza.
  10. Am I the only who views a math class as a foreign movie having no subtitle?
  11. Why do people find it difficult to use their brains? We probably need to tell them it’s an app. Maybe then, they’ll use it more often.
  12. Here’s a simple rule to life. Simply take the left turn, when nothing agrees to go right.
  13. My mom asked me why everything was on the floor. They are just obedient to gravity, I answered.
  14. I love marathons, on Netflix.
  15. The reasons for my actions were the memories, they were worth it in the end.
  16. I tried following a diet, it didn’t reciprocate the action so I unfollowed it.
  17. I hope Jessica Biel names her child Mo when she finally gets pregnant.
  18. Here’s what I told sleep. You have really tried but it is impossible for you to beat the net.
  19. We are always told to think outside the box. How can I think outside it when I don’t even know where it is?
  20. Someone asked if I ran. I answered yes, out of patience, money, and time.
  21. Someone asked if we could share my fries. I answered, there’s only “I” and no “we” in fries.
  22. Here are a few lies I tell myself. Just one cookie more, one movie more, and one minute more. Don’t we all, so they aren’t lies after all.
  23. Hashtags look really attractive to me. Guess why. They look like waffles.
  24. What does etc. mean? End Thinking Capacity.
  25. In a world filled with muffins, you better be a cupcake
  26. We all have voices in our heads that we know aren’t real. Is it just me or they have some really cool ideas at times?
  27. Isn’t today a great day for some cake?
  28. Remember how went against the rule of going to bed just so we could go to parties like adults? Well, now my dream is going to bed early, no more parties. Parties are for kids after all.
  29. Recently I was pulled over by a cop and he asked for my papers. I simply replied “scissors, I win” and zoomed off.
  30. Are you really a model? What agency do you work with, Instagram?
  31. I hardly surf the internet, however, eyebrows when I do.
  32. I have a request, please weekend, don’t leave me.
  33. A blind walks straight into a bar, then a table, and then a chair.
  34. Did you know there is a possibility of eating good food without posting it on the gram?
  35. My Instagram caption would be good if you thought I was funny.
  36. I think vitamin me is lacking in your diet.
  37. I love dating but I will go for crust pizza instead.
  38. Studying is not my thing and when I decide to, I still don’t.
  39. Memes were my thing until they showed up on Instagram.
  40. I experienced fun once, I didn’t like it.
  41. I Noah a guy in case you want an ark.
  42. I won’t mind a six month holiday twice every year.
  43. Wow, you are also on the gram, your photography skills must be top-notch.
  44. Standing out is my thing, why would I want to fit in?
  45. We started at the base, now we’re riding at the top.

Love captions for Instagram

  1. He seduced her to fall in love using his sweet poison. Now, he’s a liar because he thinks of losing her.
  2. Her heart raced with memories of him that were stars at night and flowers at dawn.
  3. You went on holding on to your ego when all I wanted was your arms holding me tight.
  4. Understanding and relationships are buried under ego and self-respect. It is a fruitless effort trying to dig deep.
  5. Strange but fact. While you never believed my “I hate you,” I never took your “I love you” with seriousness.
  6. You know that feeling that keeps you thinking there is something even though there really is nothing.
  7. Your music playlist goes a long way to determine your mood before you sleep.
  8. I smiled the first time I laid my eyes on you. The first time you laid your hands on me, I smiled too. Both scenarios put a knife to my heart in the most amazing way.
  9. When things are smooth, time runs fast. Right now, both are slow and difficult to pass through.
  10. Don’t let him have his way in private if he has denied you publicly.
  11. Falling in love with you is like not remembering to lock the door after leaving my apartment.
  12. I’d definitely have a bestselling novel by now if only tears were ink.
  13. Hand-in-hand, let us get lost into the darkness just like shooting stars.
  14. I don’t want to ever be awakened from your love.
  15. My heart fights battles to love you, a true warrior.
  16. Both our eyes were blind. I never saw your indifference, you never saw my love.
  17. How in the world would anything be so distant, unknown, damaged, yet bear so beautiful?
  18. Oh, how I look forward to another chance at falling in love with you all over.
  19. Let’s define love. A feeling that either makes friendship stronger or destroys it completely.
  20. After you, love is one memory I really don’t want to remember.

Cute Instagram Captions

  1. Things considered temporary could very fast become permanent if held onto for the right amount of time.
  2. At certain times, two shots of tequila are all I need to get myself together. Why? Certain times, I don’t even understand myself.
  3. This generation has an amazing number of people who have the ability to change masks at the snap of a finger.
  4. Crying out is always a huge relief. It might feel foolish at times, and at other times, it is really sensible.
  5. Time never zooms by when I study, yet it flies like magic once I hit the snooze button.
  6. As useful as attachments are for emails, messages, and letters, they are never perfect in real life.
  7. Oh, how I miss my old self. I’m really sorry I hurt you, I need you back.
  8. You’ve had so many chances from me. It is time to give myself a single chance.
  9. If you are in search of advice in your relationship, ask a one-sided lover or a person with a broken heart.
  10. It is not always certain which love will bring, joy or sorrow. One thing is for sure, it comes with change.

Lovely Instagram captions for girls and boys

  1. I don’t need to visit the stylist anymore. My pillow is my new stylist, I wake up with a new hairstyle each morning.
  2. Why carry boring hair? Life is too short for that.
  3. I never answer the question of which is more important, love or food. Why? I’m always too busy eating.
  4. Regardless of what you are going through, remain strong. It will make everyone wonder the reason behind your smile.
  5. Never be afraid to take on new challenges.
  6. Boys and girls are very similar to parking spaces. Every good one is taken.
  7. We have been told that sleep is really important, yet school starts so early in the morning.
  8. Does elegance ever stop being stylish? I’m yet to see that happen.
  9. Take a look at both of us, don’t we just resemble a little gang?
  10. My time in school taught me three things. Texting with my eyes off my phone, subtle sleeping, and teamwork while writing tests.

Captions for best friends

  1. Can you guess which is tighter, a knot or our friendship?
  2. Achieving the epic with boring people is totally unachievable.
  3. When is an epic friendship born? It’s quite easy, when two people see themselves having the same beliefs and experiences.
  4. There is not one friendship forged by accident.
  5. We will get old together, still making trouble at the old people’s home.
  6. Serenity and true friendship don’t go hand-in-hand. The noise in me comes out when my best friend is present.
  7. Seeking new energy, find a new friend.
  8. A good friend will always listen to your stories. A best friend lives through the stories with you.
  9. A million people are ready to ride the limo with you. Who you want is that friend that will stick around to jump into a bus when the limo is broken.
  10. I have an epistle to write about my best friend.
  11. My best friend is a legend.
  12. Friends are your family not related by blood.
  13. I and my best friend have to be friends until one of us dies. Why? We both know too much.
  14. Every journey without your friends is boring and ends up being longer.

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Motivational Captions

  1. Stopping when you are tired is not an option. Stop when the task is done.
  2. Bob Marley said, “Get up, stand up. Don’t give up the fight.”
  3. Remain positive. Your attitude is the key to success.
  4. A man will never be able to discover a new ocean if he lacks the courage to stop looking at the shore.
  5. There’s only one person that can bring change to your life, You!!!
  6. If it were easy, then everyone else would have done it.
  7. It is really difficult to totally miss the target when you aim at something big.
  8. You may never get a chance to know how amazing you are if you continually try to be normal.
  9. Focus on what matters, life is really short to be focused on frivolities.
  10. When you have your focus on the potholes, the journey becomes cumbersome.
  11. Tomorrow will never arrive. Do what you must today.
  12. When you say you can’t, all I hear is gibberish.
  13. I have one thing that turns me on, making my dream come true.
  14. It is not okay to wish and dream about it. What matters is making it real.

Food and drink Instagram Captions

  1. Hold on, coffee.
  2. The best way to begin any day is brunch.
  3. I really have no worries, as long as I can have my breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  4. I am in love with food.
  5. I am really apologetic for things I say when I’m hungry.
  6. Can we talk later? I am hungry right now.
  7. The best time to get a favor from me is when I am done eating an amazing meal.

Party captions

  1. Isn’t life a huge party?
  2. How else would my friends be aware of my love for them if we don’t drink and party into the night?
  3. I honestly wish certain nights would never end.
  4. Believe me when I say you can dance.
  5. Live today, plan tomorrow, party this night.

Instagram Captions

Funny, cute, best Instagram captions roundup

We could go on and on with the Instagram captions, there are so many. The idea behind an interesting caption is creativity. Hope this post has been helpful? You can share some of your captions in the comments section.