218 Questions to ask a Girl Before You Shoot Your Shot

It is important that every guy should have a repertoire of questions to ask a girl and here’s why. These questions make it easy to strike conversations.

We all know that starting up a conversation with a girl for the first time may be difficult. It should be a lot easier with these questions.

How important are these questions?

Have you tried starting a discussion with a girl you are meeting for the first time? Depending on the girl and the surrounding situation, it could be really awkward. It gets worse if you are not so confident, you’ll probably have your knees knocking each other.

Discussing with a girl doesn’t have to be so intimidating. One of the easiest ways to start a conversation is by asking questions. Don’t get it wrong, some questions can be really annoying and silly.

This means you must know the exact kind of questions to ask. This will make you confident, friendly, and charming enough to attract the lady’s attention. Make sure you are not too conscious of yourself, just flow with the tide and enjoy yourself.

The more you practice these questions, the easier it is for you to discuss with the opposite sex. Mind you discussing with girls allows you to see a different perspective on life. It is not always about starting a romantic relationship, it is way beyond that.

No need to waste time further, let’s get to the questions.

Questions to ask a Girl

Questions to ask a girl when you want to know her ASAP

  1. What experience have you gone through that you feel has made you a better person today?
  2. What experience have you been through that made you feel really weak?
  3. Where do you go to that makes you feel really good about yourself?
  4. Where is your favorite escape location?
  5. All your life, who has been the greatest influence to date?
  6. If you had the power to change something about yourself today, what would you change?
  7. If you were told you had just a day more to live, what would you spend it doing?
  8. What decade in the timeline of things do you think you would fit into the most?
  9. Who is the closest family member to you and why is that?
  10. Which person in the world understands you the most?
  11. What attribute do you like the most about your best friend?
  12. What did occupation did you always dream about when you were a little child?
  13. If you were to choose a fictional character that matches your personality from a movie, book, or television show, who would it be?
  14. Are you open to receiving compliments or you would rather not hear them at all?
  15. What attribute do you possess that you consider being your favorite?
  16. What physical attribute of yours do you consider to be your favorite?
  17. What non-physical attribute of yours do you consider to be your favorite?
  18. Are you a believer in the ideology of love at first sight?
  19. Are you a believer in the idea of soul mates?
  20. Are you a serious believer in horoscopes?
  21. Have you fallen in love ever?
  22. How many times have you been in love?
  23. What factors lead you to fall in love with a person?
  24. What does the term vulnerability mean to you?
  25. Do you consider yourself vulnerable at times, if yes, what puts you in that position?
  26. What question would you really like to ask a man and you really have a desire to?
  27. If you had the opportunity to be a man, what action will you be looking forward to indulging in?
  28. What do you consider to be the most attractive attribute of men?
  29. What thing do you think you would want to gain more knowledge about?
  30. What activities have you never indulged in that you really look forward to taking part in?
  31. Why haven’t you taken part in it?
  32. If money was not a determining factor, what job would you prefer doing?
  33. Can you remember the last time you cried?
  34. What was the reason?
  35. When last did you laugh so hard?
  36. What made you laugh that hard?
  37. What do you consider to be your best memory?
  38. When last did you get really embarrassed?
  39. What was the cause of your embarrassment?
  40. What do you consider to be your biggest fear?
  41. Looking back at your life, do you think there are any regrets?
  42. What do you regret the most?
  43. Have you ever committed a crime?
  44. If you have, what crime was it?
  45. If you haven’t, what crime do you look forward to committing?
  46. What is that act you have indulged in that you consider the craziest ever?
  47. Would you be open to having a discussion with a stranger?
  48. Would you be open to telling a stranger that they had something embarrassing like a tissue paper or underwear popping out of their clothing?
  49. What joke do you consider to be your favorite?
  50. Which pets do you prefer, dogs or cats?
  51. If you were an animal, what animal do you think you will be?
  52. What book are you embarrassed to admit have read?
  53. What movie are you embarrassed to admit you have watched?
  54. What movie show are you afraid to admit you enjoy watching?
  55. Look back to your childhood, how do you think your parents would have described you?
  56. If you had the power to go back to a particular age, what would it be?
  57. What do you believe in that you believe no one else shares your view?
  58. What unique quality do you possess that differentiates you from everyone else?
  59. What do you think your life is missing right now?
  60. Do you consider yourself a geek or a slay queen?

Questions to ask a Girl

Questions to ask a girl when you are interested in her mind, not just her body

  1. What quote inspires you the most?
  2. Which course did you find most interesting while in high school or college?
  3. How many books do complete from cover to cover each month?
  4. Who is the most intelligent individual you have come across and had a conversation with?
  5. What autobiography have you read that you consider being the most interesting and inspiring?
  6. What event occurred during your childhood that you consider having created the most impact on your life?
  7. What TED talk is your most favorite of all time?
  8. When playing Jeopardy, how many answers do you get correctly?
  9. What words would you share with graduates in the event that you were invited to give a commencement speech?
  10. What is your favorite news website or blog?
  11. If you had the opportunity to share a conversation with an author of fiction, who would you choose?
  12. What would wish you never really cared about?
  13. Which do you believe in, free will or fate?
  14. Which do you prefer, word searches or crosswords?
  15. What cliché appalls you the most?
  16. Is there a movie that you have watched that changed your perspective about life?
  17. What movie was that?
  18. Would you recommend yourself as a good person?
  19. What or who inspires you the most?
  20. Do you believe in the idea of karma?
  21. Which do you prefer to take care of, your body or your mind?
  22. What profession do you respect the most?
  23. Who gave you the most lessons about life, your dad or mom?
  24. Aside from the course you majored in, what other course do you consider yourself to be knowledgeable in?
  25. What song lyrics strike the most cords in your heart?
  26. Which do you prefer, write with a pen or type on your laptop?
  27. What period of your life do you consider is your worst and you would never want to return to?
  28. What is your favorite daydream?
  29. What movie or television character do you consider you have a strong bond with?
  30. Have you ever experienced being out of your body?
  31. Do you make attempts at lying to yourself?
  32. What invention are you so attached to that you probably would find it impossible to live without?
  33. Do you believe in past lives?
  34. If you do, how would you describe yours?
  35. What documentary have you seen that seems more interesting than any other you have seen all your life?
  36. What impresses you about our universe?
  37. How important do you consider money to be in relation to your existence?
  38. If you were sentenced to prison, do you think you would survive?
  39. Which of your five senses to you regard as the most important?
  40. Which of the constellations is your favorite?
  41. What discussion have you had that you consider spurred the most creativity in your mind?
  42. Do have a vision of how you will die?
  43. How much do you believe in yourself?
  44. Which would you prefer to explore, the deep sea or space?
  45. What do you consider to be your spirit animal?
  46. Do you pray?
  47. If yes, how often do you pray?
  48. What random fact you know fascinates you the most?
  49. What motivational speech from a celebrity has inspired you the most?
  50. Which do you trust more, your heart or your head?
  51. What kinds of books do you prefer reading the most?
  52. Do you prefer watching movies that have subtitles?
  53. Do you see yourself as an intelligent person?

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Questions to ask a Girl

Questions to ask a girl to help you know her on a deeper level

  1. You posted a picture on your Instagram page today, what’s the story behind it?
  2. What English word strikes you as the most beautiful?
  3. Do you enjoy reading sweet texts from people?
  4. Do you take screenshots of these text messages?
  5. What was the last sweet text message you received and who was it from?
  6. Which charity will you be playing for if you had the opportunity to play on a television game show?
  7. What was the last phrase you wrote by hand rather than typing it on your phone or laptop?
  8. When driving long distances, what song do you play the most?
  9. If you were to place a color to your aura, what color would guess it was?
  10. Can you tell me your love language?
  11. What romantic gesture do you consider as highly overrated?
  12. What piece of makeup provides you the most confidence?
  13. What is the most common compliment you receive?
  14. When last did you forgive an offender and give the person another chance to make things right?
  15. What part of you do you wish people had more knowledge about?
  16. Which of your parents do you wish to be like when you get older, your father or mother?
  17. Since you graduated from high school, what part of you has changed the most?
  18. All your life, what milestone have you achieved that you are proudest of?
  19. When last did you give a compliment to a total stranger?
  20. Which of these pet names do you prefer, honey pie, babe, sweetie, or darling?
  21. Do you have any issues accepting compliments from people?
  22. Which woman out of the many you have met all your life do you consider the strongest?
  23. Anytime you are in search of peace and quiet, what location works best for you?
  24. Do you believe miracles happen?
  25. If yes, have experienced one before?
  26. Do you think you would ever write a book?
  27. If you did, who would it be dedicated to?
  28. While chatting, what emoji do you make use of the most?
  29. When everything around you is silent, are comfortable or worried?
  30. Are you referred to with any nicknames by your family members?
  31. What thought occupies your mind more than it should?
  32. Which do you think you are, a skeptic or a romantic?
  33. What is the kindest act you have benefitted from?
  34. If you were to fill your home with candle scent, which would you choose?
  35. What item on your bucket list do you find the most surprising?
  36. Do you believe people were designed for a specific purpose?
  37. If yes, what do you consider your ultimate purpose?
  38. When last did you tell anyone you love them?
  39. Which day or experience from your childhood would you like to revisit and relive?
  40. How many people do you think you can trust with your life?
  41. What do you photograph the most, food, yourself, pets, etc.?
  42. What aspect of your personality do you consider as the most beautiful?
  43. Which season of the year do you consider as your best and look forward to?
  44. What qualities do you think you share with all your friends?
  45. What song must be played at your wedding?
  46. Which of your memories do you never want to remember?
  47. When last did you shed tears in the bathroom?
  48. What activity have you been procrastinating for a very long time?
  49. Which individual always makes you smile, either by seeing them or thinking about them?
  50. Do you love reading books?
  51. What book do you think you can read over and over?
  52. Which romantic story that you have heard do you consider to be the most interesting?
  53. Would you say that you are in love with yourself?
  54. Do you have any questions you would like to ask me?
  55. What is your biggest ambition?

Questions to ask a girl to know if she is the one to spend the rest of your life with

  1. What aspect of my personality made you fall in love with me?
  2. Do you picture yourself spending the rest of your life with a single individual?
  3. What is that thing that you do not see yourself sacrificing for any relationship?
  4. Do you think we are different from each other?
  5. What elements differentiate us?
  6. Do you consider these differences negative or positive?
  7. Do you think all these differences can be overcome by love?
  8. Where do you picture yourself in 30 years?
  9. Do you think we could still be together even though we were separated for a year by life’s challenges?
  10. Can you define what commitment is to you?
  11. What would consider cheating in your own opinion?
  12. Would you fall to the temptation to be unfaithful?
  13. If you found out I was unfaithful, would you find a place in your heart to forgive me?
  14. When trust is broken, do you think it can be rebuilt or it is gone for good?
  15. When people that you love are upset or in pain, what do you do to comfort them?
  16. What do we do that makes us different from other couples we know?
  17. What is the differentiating factor between our relationship and the other ones that you’ve had?
  18. Which of my features attracted you to me first?
  19. Do you think we connected at the first instant?
  20. Do you think our connection has grown stronger?
  21. How strong is our connection today?
  22. Are there activities we indulge in together that you would prefer undertaking yourself/
  23. What are the activities you don’t think we have to indulge in together?
  24. What activities do you consider as important that we indulged in together?
  25. What emotional requirements do you need your partner to satisfy?
  26. If you had the opportunity to live anywhere in the world, what location would you pick?
  27. Do you prefer changing locations or living in one location for a very long time?
  28. What would make you break up a relationship with someone you are in love with?
  29. Is there any aspect of our relationship that leaves you feeling unloved or lonely?
  30. Can you trust me with something you wouldn’t hand to anyone else?
  31. Are there certain ways you express your love to me that you think I do not understand?
  32. How can you define intimacy in your own words?
  33. If you considered that one of my actions showoff unfaithfulness but it was nothing serious, would you still tell me?
  34. What things do you say that actually mean the opposite?
  35. How best do you think we can resolve conflicts when they come up?
  36. Do you consider yourself a religious person?
  37. How do you view spirituality and faith?
  38. How can you define family?
  39. Are you interested in kids?
  40. Do you think you want kids of your own?
  41. In the event that you end up having children, what do you think is the best way to raise them?
  42. When your children come of age, what kind of people would you prefer they were?
  43. If you ever faced the temptation of cheating on me, would you let me in on it?
  44. Would you rather that I told you when I felt like I was tempted to cheat on you?
  45. Do you think I have any qualities you are uncomfortable with and would want to question?
  46. What aspects of our relationship do you think I treat with levity?
  47. What are the aspects of our relationship you think that you treat with levity?
  48. Do you think there are activities you would have us indulge in together that we haven’t?
  49. Would you trust me to take you somewhere you have never been to all your life?
  50. Can you describe what forever means to you?

Questions to ask a girl wrap up

There are several things you must remember as you ask these questions. Be bold, but not too bold, recognize your value as well as your boundaries, and be really prepared. Practice as much as possible so you don’t have any issues while asking your questions.