122 Rebel Flag Tattoos You Won’t Refuse Having

Whether you have issues about your country or simply think it is cool to have a rebel tattoo, you should get one! No, it does not have to be simply an image of a flag. There are actually so many ways to creatively wear a rebel tattoo. Like any other tattoos, inking your skin is symbolic and does not always mean that you are revolting against your nation. It could mean going against the flow of other things in your life such as career, expectations, and other pressures and practices in the society. Wear your heart on your sleeve in ironically a subtle and artistic way. Here are many ideas on how you can be an artistic rebel.

1. Shredded Flag

When you put up a fight, it is easy to get damaged. Even the strongest ones break or have weaknesses. You can wear a torn rebel tattoo signifying your perseverance and resilience in pushing through despite how hard it could be.

This looks as if clawed by a bear or some fierce animal. Skin is torn and revealed the rebel tattoo. It is very representational for people who are secretly revolting about something. It can be suitable for people stand for animal rights, for the preservation of certain species, or to those who simply love animals. If you are interested in associating animals or attacks into your rebel tattoo, then this absolutely goes well for you.


It does not always have to be torn in a messy way. This rebel tattoo for example has the flag divided accordingly. It looks more like an organized rebellion than a harsh underestimated one. It also looks as though the arm has been scratched only to reveal rebellion to be already deep within the person’s body, as a part of his whole being.


In an even more dainty way, a rebel tattoo can be divided this way. It looks as though they are pieces of a block puzzle or a wall ornament. Whether you believe about something that needs to be solved like a puzzle in the government, the world, or personal life, then this can be great for you. It can be pleasing too for people who tend to be more organized and precise about things.


A totally tattered rebel flag that is holding on to some barb wire can mean extreme struggle. If your passion for change is as damaged as this flag, then you best get this tattoo. Rebelling can be a very intense fight requiring so much sacrifice, endurance, and courage. Put words, stories, and emotions through a picture and you would get this rebel tattoo design in the end.




8. Interests

Rebel tattoos does not always have to look that of suffering and struggle. It can be incorporated with things that you love. This way, you have inspiration along your desire to swim against the tide. Having the push from the things that you enjoy can keep you fighting for what is right. It can also be the guiding light when you fall down. So go ahead and have both the things that keep you going and the things that you want to go to.

Are you a Peter Pan lover? Or simply find Tinkerbell cute? It could also be that you want to represent the materialization of that right you are fighting for to belong in Neverland since it seems that it is nearly impossible to happen. Do you not want to grow up? Or do you think the people who do not see your perspective are the ones suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome? Either way, whatever meaning you can exude from Peter Pan and his world, a rebel tattoo with this design is super cool.


Either in protection for the wild, for deer specifically, or to simply show your love for animals, this rebel tattoo design is a good idea. It is not only unique but it looks good as well. You can replace the deer with other animals that you like. But this concept, style, and location is definitely a good idea.

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Like this one, you can put a snake as well in the middle of the rebel flag. Snakes can be very symbolic and effective in putting them together in a rebel tattoo. As you very well know, snakes can signify betrayal or evil. So it is quite understandable as to why someone has a snake on their rebel tattoo. Naturally you are fighting hard against the evils of society, the corruption of the government, inequality, and so many others.


How about skulls? Skulls always make tattoos that sense of scariness either for things horror or for death itself. If you aim to have that impression in your rebel tattoo then by all means put a skull along it.


What is even more daunting than a flaming skull? A skull by itself looks like death but if you add flames to eat, it looks as though it is the devil. If either it represents the evil that you are fighting against or it means your tough fight for something, it is best symbolized by a fire and bones. Add some more edge to your rebel tattoo through these design ideas.


Rebelling against something does not only mean the mere throwing out of what is already there. If something or someone steps down or away, there has to be something or someone to replace it. So if you are rebelling against something, it means that you are also ready to build something new in lieu of it. This rebel tattoo may just show your interest in building strong foundations to your belief or of you being ready to start anew. It could also be representative to your interest or hobby in mechanical repairs and the like. Perhaps you are a car or vehicle enthusiast, an engineer at heart, or a builder and repairman by nature. Or if you simply love this design, then why not use it for your rebel tattoo.


Oh man, many artists express their rebellions through songs. Who are your favorite musicians? What songs sing the complaints in your heart? For the love of art and music and for the creative display of your aspirations, then this rebel tattoo design is for the win! It might even come in handy to struck conversations with someone and discuss with them your perspectives. You might just convert a person to your belief, and have a new person by your side fighting for the same purpose. Is it not amazing? Even quite dreamy, isn’t it?


If not for the expression of the musicians that you love, it may be that you are an artist yourself. Have you been writing your own music? Scribbling there the yearnings of your heart, your dreams, your ideal world? For your love of playing musical instruments, you have to get your rebel tattoo along your favorite instrument.



Do you like swords? Do you see them as symbols to putting up a fight? Then you very well has to have your rebel tattoo with these creative designs.


How about a cross? Cross usually represents Christ or sometimes it means the endurance through hardships. If you are a Christian and see that you need the guidance of God in your quest for justice, then you better have a cross in your rebel tattoo. Pray that your desires would come into reality since it has the blessing and the assistance of the cross. Or if you simply want to show that although your journey is as heavy as carrying a cross, you would come out successful in the end.



Rebel tattoos does not always have to be all tough and scary. You can also show the passionate side of rebelling. Of course while you want others to fail in their evil intentions, you are helping another to succeed or to get what they rightly deserve. Revolt is not only about fighting but it also means loving the people who will benefit the cause in the end. So get that balance of kindness and toughness through a heart shaped rebel flag tattoo.


Whatever shape may represent your campaign, go get it! After all it is your fight and you have to represent it the best that you can. It is your heart and your strength, so you need to get something that embodies all that you are feeling and thinking.


How about tattooing a nice place or your favorite view. Fighting is exhausting. Might as well put something in it that makes your feel relieved.

Rebel flag tattoos are great representation of the things you are fighting for. Whether it is big or small, personal or for the greater good, it is amazing to have it properly etched in a creative design. So gather all your ideas, feelings, and purpose, and get your passion inked on your skin.