128 Adorable Sister Tattoo Ideas [2019]

Sisters share an unbreakable and sentimental bond. There is no power on Earth that can get cause love to be diminished between sisters. Whether you stay with your family or apart from them, your sister is the one who is going to be with you through thick and thin.

Getting a same tattoo will bind you together even more. A sister is not only your family member but your best friend and the truest soulmate. You are going to stay in each other’s heart forever. Even if you do not have a sister by blood, you might have a best friend who is more like a sister. Sister from another mister, right?

Why not commemorate this bond with a design that stays inked on your body forever? Whether she is your sister by blood or your best friend forever, here we have 18 adorable sister tattoo ideas for you guys. Make sure you go for the one that looks equally adorable on both of you.

sister tattoos

Sister tattoos for 2

If you are two sisters or two BFFs, there are many tattoos you both can get. It can be sentimental or funny or a good memory both of you share. So, why not make it everlasting?

Think of getting something where one half of the design is inked on person’s body and the other half on the other ones. So when you stand together, the design gets completed.

If you do not want to go for this, why not something same that reminds you of each other? In this case, you can go for a pinky promise tattoo where one hand can be yours and other is hers.

Sister tattoos for 3

Now if you are three sisters/BFFs, you might need to put a little more effort into thinking for the design. With us here, you do not need to worry at all.

Think about something that is common in all three of you. Maybe the love for cats, for butterflies or for any cartoon character? There might be a memory three of you share. If nothing, you can for numerals in your age order. This can help sorting out any argument as well when all three of you want to get the design of your own choice.


How to get a sister tattoo if you do not have a sister?

Well, here we are going to talk in detail about the sisters aka BFF tattoos. There are a lot of different sister tattoo ideas that will suit best to you. The two most perfect of them are:

Soul sister tattoos

Get a ‘soul sisters’ inked on each of your wrists. Or get a soul inked on one wrist and sisters on the other. So when both of you stand together, it makes ‘Soul Sisters’.

If you do not want it alphabetically, you can for some symbolic design. For that, there are different choices such as two girls standing together that represents both of your of course, dream catchers design, or any other design that is linking to each other.

What’s the best part? It does not have to be on the same body part. One of you can get it on your shoulder and the other on your forearm and still, it is completed when you two are together.

‘Sister from another mother’ tattoo

Your best friend is your sister but she is from another mother. ‘Sister from another mother’ is a very meaningful yet cute tattoo to represent that both of you love each other like sisters even though you are born from different women.

Considering this idea can be a great choice.

Where to get sister tattoos?

When you have chosen the design, next step is to figure out where to get these matching tattoos. Even though it is not compulsory to get it on the same body part, many people prefer it like that. So choosing the same body part becomes a difficult choice to make. Following are the perfect places to get sister tattoos:

Behind the ear sister tattoos

This is one of the favorite places for girls to get a tattoo. So, why not get each other’s initials inked behind your ear? If you find that to be really old fashioned, getting an infinity sign can never seem old. If you are not a great fan of that either, a small heart can always work. Apart from this, you can get anything both of you love. It can also be something both of you dream of.

If you do not want to get the same but a different yet complementing design, you can ink a constellation. It can start at one’s and end at the others.

Nape sister tattoos

Nape is another perfect place to get the tattoo. You might be working at places where a tattoo is not considered to be professional. There is no need to worry as you can still get a tattoo on your nape. Just make sure you never tie your hair up.

In this way, you can get you sister tattoos and still go to work every day.

There are several sister tattoo designs you can consider getting on your napes. How about a butterfly? You can also get a colored butterfly of each other’s favorite color.


Wrist sister tattoos

Wrist sister tattoos are the most common yet beautiful tattoos. Whenever you two are holding each other’s hands, the tattoos come together.

When it comes to the designs for wrist sister tattoos, there are innumerable ones. How about ‘Big sister, Little sister’ tattoo? This design looks really cool and elegant.

Moreover, you can get any of the matching quote such as ‘There’s no better friend than a sister’. Going for a linking quote on wrists is a perfect idea as well.

Ankle sister tattoos

Ankles are another place to get sister tattoos. They are very prominent and look really adorable.

‘Big sis, Lil sis’ sister tattoo is one of the most common tattoo to get on ankle. If you want to go for something unique, think of getting matching symbolic signs such as snowflake tattoo.

You can also get watercolor tattoos if you two are really a big fan of art. Get a water colored feather or a heart to give it an artistic look.

Feathers are a good symbol of freedom with love that never leaves. What will add more to it is the colors. When you add colors to a feather tattoo, it will give a lively and pleasant look than that of a black traditional feather. So, a watercolor tattoo on your ankle will always keep your love young and alive.


Shoulder sister tattoos

Shoulders, be it front or back side, are the perfect places to get sister tattoos. You can always get each other’s birthdate inked.

If not so, a matching or linking quote is always the best choice.

However, if both of you are not a big fan of literature and words, get some design inked. As shoulder has a lot of place, you can get big tattoos here.

If you want a tattoo that is big but your wrist, ankle or nape does not has enough space for it, shoulder is the most suitable option. The area gives you more choices of various designs. So, get shoulders sister tattoos and strengthen your love.

Feet sister tattoos

Last but not the least, feet are the most adorable parts of your body so why not think of getting an adorable tattoo here?

How about wind rose tattoos on feet? This compass design stands for guidance and direction. If two or one of you is always travelling and needs someone for advice very often, who it can be other than your sister? So get these bold wind rose tattoos on your feet and you can always feel at home. With a matching wind rose tattoo, neither of you will ever feel alone or lost when not together.

Moreover, how about tattooing the word ‘sister’ with a small heart and heart beat on the side of your feet? You can get this tattoo and always keep each other close. When you are always on your feet, these tattoos will remind you that there is someone who you can always go back to.

This is the most sentimental and loving feeling a tattoo can ever give.


What if you are not a fan of big tattoos?

Most people, especially girls, are not a fan of big tattoos. Also, there is not enough space on your prominent body parts like wrist and ankles to get a big tattoo. In both of these cases, you can always go for a small size tattoo. Small tattoos are simple and small in size. Still, the design can be chosen according to your taste.

If you love something cute, go for a small and simple sister tattoo. If both of you are sassy, small and funny sister tattoos are your type. If you want to go for something meaningful, there are unending options.

Small and simple sister tattoos

Small and simple is always perfect. Also, it looks really decent. When both of you are not very bold type of women, small and simple tattoos are the best option. A simple design can never go wrong. When it comes to small and simple sister tattoos, there are many considerable option such as:

  • A heartbeat
  • Small colored hearts
  • Infinity signs
  • Each other’s fingerprint tattoo
  • Connecting hand/ankle tattoo
  • Matching Birds tattoo
  • A word ‘sisters’
  • Delicate matching flower tattoo
  • Matching two hearts tattoo and many more.


Small and meaningful sister tattoos

If you want to add more meaning and love to your sisterhood, small and meaningful sister tattoos are the top choice. Meaningful tattoos keep reminding you of something that is very precious to both of you. They also make you aware of the fact that no matter where you go, relation between sisters never fades.

No matter the distance, arguments or fights, meaningful tattoos will always bring you back to each other. Some small and meaningful sister tattoos are:

  • Connecting wrist tattoos
  • Forever together tattoos
  • Sun and moon tattoos
  • ‘To infinity… and beyond’ tattoo
  • Together forever tattoo
  • Never apart tattoo

All of these tattoo will always make you feel at home with each other. These will keep you together always and keep strengthening your bond each day.

Small and funny sister tattoos

If both of you are the funny type, small and funny tattoos are the best to represent this bond. There are several small and funny quotes and designs that can best present your love. How about getting a cat tattoo? Cats are symbol of friendship and good fortune. If both of you love cats or some cat cartoons, this is a great option.

Also, you can go for any other funny cartoon or childhood memory you both shared and still love. It will be a good way to remember your childhood spent together even if you go different ways later in life.


What if you two have different interests?

One of the biggest confusions arrive when two of you have different interests. Sisters share the same blood, but they do not always share same interests most of the times. If one loves singing, the other loves reading. If one has a funny nature, other is very sober and sophisticated. If one is a college fashionista, other one likes to stay in her little friends circle.

In this way, interests diverge. But the love remains the same. So, even if you two have different interests, you can still get the sister tattoos that present your love and strengthen it.

Combination sister tattoos

As mentioned, your interests may be very different. In this case, get a combination tattoo.

A combination tattoo is the one in which you bring two very different things together in a same design. How about creating a new cartoon couple? If one of you loved the Power Puff Girls and the other was huge fan of Popeye the Sailor Man, why not ink Popeye and the Power Puff Girls together?

Similarly, you can ink a home and plane together if one of you is an introvert while the other one loves to roam around. You can get music symbols and book inked together as well.

These tattoos signify that even if you do not belong to the same social circle, you are still for each other in the end of the day.

What are the best sister tattoos if your sisters do not live in the same town?

Another question that can come to your mind is that what the best tattoo is to get if your sister lives miles apart. No worries, you live in each other’s heart forever, right? There are many different tattoos you can get to shorten the physical distance.

Sister quote tattoos

There are unlimited sister quotes that you can get tattooed. Some of the very meaningful sister quotes are:

  • There is no better friend than a sister, and there is no better sister than you.
  • Always together, never apart.
  • Different flowers from the same garden.
  • You’re not my best friend, you’re my sister. And that’s more.
  • A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.

All of these quotes are bound to keep you together, no matter how large the distance is.

Twin tattoos

Twin tattoos are another option to feel yourself right with each other.

Get matching tattoos that make you feel together with each other all the time. In this way, distance means nothing.

Family tree tattoos

Family tree tattoos are becoming very common. As everyone has to move out chasing their dreams one day or another, family cannot possibly live together. However, the roots remain the same forever. A family tree on your wrist is the perfect way to keep your sister together.


So, these are the 18 most adorable sister tattoo ideas. When you have so many questions about getting a sister tattoo, these 18 ideas will help you greatly. Not only this, these plethora of ideas within these ideas are going to question all your answers and solve all your problems.


Are sister tattoos really painful?

Sister tattoos are like every other tattoos. Just because you are getting a matching or linking tattoo with someone does not mean they will be more painful. If you have a real intention and positive attitude, pain won’t be very painful. Tattoos are meant to heal soon.

Should tattoos be covered while you are at work?

Different companies have different dress code requirements. If your job requires covering up tattoos, you can get a tattoo somewhere that can be easily hidden with hair or clothes such as nape, ribs, upper thighs etc.

What if I ever want to remove my tattoo?

Removing your tattoo is not impossible but very expensive and painful. It can also be fixed or changed if can’t be completely removed.