What Does TBH Mean ? (on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Post)

The internet has already changed a lot about human vocabulary over the last decade. More and more acronyms such as TBH are being used. These days, you see it as one of the major terms used on social media.

The question that comes to mind is “what does TBH mean?

Scratching beyond the surface

Parents are the most hit by these new acronyms because it is just so difficult to keep up with the trend. Of course, you can’t blame a parent who has no need of these acronyms and converses in regular lingo. It’s increasingly important these days that a parent scratches beyond the surface to understand the current trends on the internet.

Imagine you have a message from your child with “TBH” in it, you become so confused immediately. Or you see a text on your child’s phone with the acronym, it becomes imperative that you can decode it. To be honest, it is not that difficult to decipher, you’ll see as we go on.

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So what is TBH?

In the beginning, TBH was simply an acronym for “to be honest.” Yes, you read that phrase a few lines before this but it didn’t strike you. That’s the way most of the new internet lingo are formed, from words in plain sight.

It is more like there’s going to be an acronym for almost everything on the internet. Don’t be shocked, who knew we wouldn’t need the post office to send official mails three decades ago?

TBH is used when a person is trying to be frank about a certain topic. Mostly, it is used in regular lingo, when clearing the air about certain issues of interest you say “to be honest.” This is exactly how it is being used online for controversial topics and uncomfortable situations over the internet.

Beyond understanding the meaning of acronyms like this, it is imperative that one knows how they are being used. We will discuss that in the next section of this post.

Using TBH

Now that you know what TBH means, you are laden with another challenge, how to make use of it. You really can’t jump on any convo using the acronym just because you have it at your fingertips. As a parent, you must understand proper use to avoid embarrassing yourself or your kids while trying to be trendy.

Let’s see an example of a few conversations to understand the use of TBH.

Example 1:

Alex: Our city is already finding it difficult to handle the teeming population. Why is the government considering providing solace for refugees here?

Memphis: TBH, there is some advantage there. The decision will improve our economy as we can do with more workers.

Example 2:

Delores: We should hang out with the girls this weekend at the mall.

Tania: Yes we do, but TBH, I don’t think I can because I already made plans.

Looking at the two conversations, you’ll notice that the acronym was placed at different points in different sentences. It was first used in the beginning and then in the middle. Regardless of its position, it still makes a lot of meaning just because you understand the meaning.

See how not to use TBH in the following conversations.

Sinclair: Can I get some juice TBH?

              Tyrese: TBH to the game.

You probably read through these short sentences over and over trying to figure out what they meant. To be honest, you might take the whole day and not figure them out except you remove the acronym. These are examples of inappropriate use.

what does tbh mean

Using TBH on the internet

As teens got a grasp of the internet more, they gradually began to use acronyms such as TBH in different ways. This is easily noticed on social media networks such as Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We shouldn’t forget chats and text messaging too.

These days, you notice that the acronym is used in several ways just to attract specific attention on social media. It, therefore, means that reading these sentences literally becomes impossible, else you lose the essence altogether. Teens have found several comfortable ways of using “to be honest” or “TBH” out of context. It is funny how it still works well.

These are some examples of how it is being used on social media today.

When a person posts a picture and adds the caption “comment for a tbh.”

Of when a person is seeking followers on Twitter and says, “follow and I’ll follow back tbh.”


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TBH becoming unpopular

At a point, what we had was a TBH mini-movement. It became one of the most-used acronyms on the internet, it was so popular, there was the TBH Blog. This is was so because it created a means for teens to converse easily and express their feelings in the most honest form possible.

At a point, there was an app designed specifically for TBH known as the TBH app. Facebook acquired this app in 2017. However, just a year later, it became obvious that the acronym had lost its place among popular acronyms.

There were two major reasons for this. As expected, many other acronyms were being invented and gaining more relevance. There was also the issue of the acronym being co-opted by many people. Most of these people took out the fun as they began to use it as a means to vent on or bully others.

It was not long before Facebook deleted all the data off the app and shut it down. Today, the app is not even among the top 50 most-used on the internet anymore.

Similar Acronyms

Even though TBH has lost its place among the top 50, it is still relevant today. There are a few “honest” acronyms that have also gained relevance. The most common include:

  • TBTH – To be totally honest.
  • TBCH – To be completely honest.
  • MHO – My honest opinion.
  • JBH – Just being honest.
  • 2BH – To be honest.
  • IIH – If I’m honest.
  • IMAHO – In my absolutely honest opinion

What does TBH mean roundup

As a parent, it is your responsibility to enlighten your child about the dangers of using words indiscriminately. This is why you must have a hang on the most common slangs used online such as TBH. Ultimately, this helps you to guide and guard them against vices such as internet bullying.

We hope this post was helpful!