What Does HMU Mean? Understanding Social Media Lingo!

If you are an ardent user of the social media, then you probably have come across HMU a couple of times. Some users employ it more often than not. Social media has several abbreviations and acronyms, sort of a lingua franca of its own. If you have no idea what they are or what they mean, you’d probably get lost most times.

It can be a huge task to keep up with social media parlance if you make use of it once in a while. It is because the environment evolves at a blistering speed. There is almost always something new every time you log in.

It would have been fun to take a look at all the abbreviations and acronyms of the social media parlance, but that will be impossible. As a result, this article focuses on just HMU. You will be learning about its meaning, use, history, and what it doesn’t mean. Without further ado, let’s get on with it.

What Does HMU Mean

What does HMU mean?

HMU is a simple social media acronym which stands for “Hit Me Up.” Translating this from social media jargons to everyday English the phrase carries several meanings. It could be converted to mean check on me, call me later, send me a message then, give me suggestions, etc. The list is endless, as long as it relates to asking for someone to reach you at a later time.

So in case you are new to social media, or you are erratic on the different social media platforms, and you had this question on your mind, it just got answered. The acronym is just an internet expression which helps translate your desire into three letters “HMU.”

Before going ahead with this article, below are a few examples showing the use of HMU:

“I am hungry when you’re ready for lunch “HMU.”

“Whoever has suggestions about writing a resume should HMU.”

“Wanna hang out tonight? HMU.”

These are different instances of the use of HMU. Later in this article, you will understand different ways you can employ the use of HMU better.

A brief history of HMU

We have always used abbreviations, at least since we could text. Social media, however, came with a new vibe. One thing common to both texting, social media chats, and posting on social media is the use of shorthand. After all, why type all the letters when the abbreviations pass the message?

Social media started to gain ground in 2009 and that was when this acronym, HMU, was invented. Just like many other acronyms and abbreviations on social media, we cannot tell who started it. All that we know is that it became popular.

It was recorded by Facebook at the end of 2009 that HMU was about the most-used acronym in status updates. Considering that before that year it was practically unknown, the acronym made giant strides within that year. By the next year, it had hit up to 80,000 mentions per day.

By 2010, after making its initial hit on Facebook, it went viral. It was so viral that several online dictionaries began adopting it and giving it proper definitions. The first of those dictionaries to add the word to its repertoire was the Urban Dictionary.

Unlike many other acronyms that would have lost their spark and gone into extinction, HMU seeks to be getting better with age like fine wine. More people are using it these days, else why would you search for its meaning?

By the way, if you ever heard of the phrase “hit up” which was a way of someone trying to ask for some help, then understanding HMU shouldn’t be difficult. The phrase “Hit Me Up” is just an evolution of “hit up.”

What does HMU not mean?

Did you smile? You probably did because you have used HMU in a wrong way a couple of times. You must have realized this when you checked out what the acronym means.

You are not alone on this; everyday people infer wrong meanings for different social media jargons and end up misusing them. Below is an example of how people have wrongly used “HMU.”

“Hold My Unicorn”

For the record, HMU does not and will never mean “Hold My Unicorn.” It might seem quite funny, but it happened. A report by KnowYourMeme tells us about how the member of a community misused the acronym in 2010. According to the report, the Urban Dictionary user “UnicornLover238” answered an inquiry about HMU. Someone had asked what the acronym meant, and he replied, “Hold My Unicorn.”

As expected, people loved it even though it was the wrong meaning of the acronym. Soon after, it became an alternative meaning of HMU, gaining so much popularity in its own right. In about five years it had acquired a new status as the most-voted definition after about 13,500 scamps had upvoted the caption.

Anyways, as impressive as it may sound, no one uses it that way anymore. It could have been a lot cooler if it were though.

Such an instance is not the only way the HMU got wrongly applied. As rightly pointed out earlier, you must have missed it before knowing what exactly it means.

The meaning of HMU across different social media platforms

You definitely would have made the mistake of using one acronym on one social media platform right, and when you try it on another, it comes out wrong. As much as the whole social media has universal parlance, each platform has its specifics. It is essential to understand them to help you communicate effectively across all platforms.

Let’s check out what HMU means on different platforms:

What it means when you text

Are you wondering if you could use HMU while texting? The answer is “Yes.” Several people like you use it, especially younger folks. It is mostly used in instant messaging when you want someone to connect with you at a later time.

An example is:

“Charles HMU, I’ve got good news.”

What does it mean when you’re on Facebook?

Facebook is still the largest social media platform the world has seen till date. At least there are over a billion people registered on the network. The platform has its language which its members use in communicating with each other. The most important way through which its members communicate is the Facebook messenger.

Members use to ask other members to get through to them later when they are not online for a chat. They also use it when seeking assistance on the platform and need someone to send connect with them privately.

An example is:

“Do I need a new playlist of songs, any suggestions? HMU.”

What HMU means on Snapchat

If you thought Snapchat would be left out, you are wrong. It is fast becoming one of the fastest growing social media platforms today, primarily because of its filters. Some people take pictures on Snapchat because of the filters and export them to other social media platforms.

Just like Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat also makes use of tags and chats. The application of the slang HMU is almost the same way across all other social media platforms. Only that this time, it gets used on live stories as well as comments.

What HMU means on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most engaging social media platforms you can think of today. People daily upload pictures and videos of their activities on the platform. It has become more prominent and now that people can use Instastory and IGTV.

The way people communicate on Instagram is mostly through comments and hashtags, as well as messages. Did you know that at least HMU is used between four to five million times daily on Instagram?

The ways you can use HMU

There are several ways you can use HMU. A few are stated below with relevant examples:

You can make use of HMU when you want to highlight your contact and provide a preferred means of reaching you to your audience.

An example is when you state all of your contact details on social media and then add the shorthand “HMU.”


You can employ the use of HMU when you need suggestions, crowd-sourced information, and other recommendations. You may also use it when you need some food or something you need.

Example: HMU with some chicken wings.

When you need a person to contact you, use the shorthand HMU.

Example: I’ve got a job for you, HMU.


It is sometimes used to suggest that someone contacts you for a hookup, most times potential.

Example: HMU if you want to go on a date to the movies.


With all the different examples and explanations above you are acquainted with the meaning and use of the shorthand HMU. If you have any more examples, you can drop them in the comment section below. section below.