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30+ Possible Meanings of IG and How to Use On Social Media

It is a wonder how most of us keep up with the different acronyms like IG that crop up daily. The rapidly evolving internet environment is a key contributor to this evolution.

If a person does not stay abreast of these acronyms, there is a possibility of being lost in conversations totally.

IG – The meaning

There are several meanings of this acronym but the most common seems to be Instagram. You should have an idea of what Instagram, especially if you use social media often. If you are yet to join the Instagram bandwagon, we suggest you sign up immediately. There’s lots of fun to be enjoyed.

In case you’re wondering what Instagram is, it is an app which allows you to enjoy a blissful photo-sharing experience. We will take a look at this app and a bit of its history later in this post. First, let’s look at other meanings of IG.

IG mean

Other meanings of IG

There are several meanings of the acronym IG. In this section, we have lined them up for you in the order of their popularity on the internet.

  1. Instagram
  2. Interest Group
  3. I Guess
  4. In-Game (basically for online gaming)
  5. Inspector General
  6. Ignore
  7. Installation Guide
  8. Implementation Guide
  9. Immunoglobulin
  10. Investors Group
  11. Information Governance (this applies to several organizations)
  12. Insulating Glass
  13. Igloo (thermally controlled pressurized environments used in Spacelab pellet subsystems)
  14. Italian Greyhound
  15. iGoogle ( a customized Google Homepage)
  16. Index Glycemic
  17. Intelligence Group
  18. Inherently Governmental
  19. Irish Guards
  20. Islamic Group
  21. Infogrames
  22. Interactive Graphics
  23. Isolated Ground
  24. Instructor Guide
  25. Image Generator
  26. Inspector Gadget
  27. Income Generation
  28. Interface Group
  29. Illumined Gaming
  30. Imperial Games
  31. Information Granulation

Actually, the list is endless. We just had to stop here.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is one of the numerous social media apps we have today. The standout feature of this app is that it allows a user to take a photo, add a filter, put a caption to explain it, and post.

The app was launched in 2010 by the duo of Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom. Two years later, it was purchased by the largest social media network, Facebook, which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg.

In the beginning, Instagram was a really simple app, no complexities. Over the years, the interface has evolved even though the original idea remains the same. Then users could only share 15-second videos, this went up to 1-minute videos. Today, you can share a really long video using the Instagram TV feature.

How Instagram works

The first step is signing up and setting up your profile. After this, you can start to follow different users of the app. This ranges from friends to co-workers to celebrities, and many others. As you get more involved in the gram, it is usually called that, you begin to gain followers.

Your profile can be set to private or public. If it is private, only people you allow will be able to see your posts, even when they carry hashtags. To like a picture or video is quite easy. You can double-tap on the video or picture. On the other hand, you can simply tap the heart-shaped icon beneath the picture.

You can also comment under posts and send posts to your friends as well. It is advisable to follow people who provide content that interests you. If you make a mistake with this, you can always unfollow that person.

Instagram Stories

This is one of the latest feature additions to the Instagram platform. It is safe to say that it is a response to Snapchat Stories. It is simply a string of videos, photos, and text that disappear when 24-hours elapses.

Many people regard Instagram Stories (Insta Stories) as redundant and a blatant waste of their time. Why so? It is probably because these posts disappear in 24-hours. By the way, Facebook and Whatsapp have also adopted these features.

How much does it cost to be on Instagram?

If you are not social media savvy, you might be conned to believing that you need to pay for Instagram. Guess what, Instagram is absolutely free. You don’t need to buy any upgrades or spend a dime on in-app purchases. Just enjoy the app.

As a matter of fact, you can even turn your account into a money-making avenue.

What can you do to your photos and videos on Instagram?

Basically, there are certain filters that you can add to your photo or video. If you want to be more sophisticated, you can choose any of the following editing options.

  • Adjust
  • Contrast
  • Brightness
  • Warmth
  • Structure
  • Color
  • Highlights
  • Fade
  • Shadows
  • Sharpen
  • Vignette, and
  • Tilt Shift

You may also decide to post a couple of pictures at the same time. The limit for this is 10 pictures per post. There is usually a small white box at the top right corner of a post to indicate that other pictures are present. Added to this is a set of dots beneath the picture or video that signifies the number of pictures in the post.

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Accessing your Instagram Account

You can access your Instagram account on both Android and Apple devices. This means that your mobile phone and tablets will do just fine. They just need to have any of the above-named operating systems.

You may also access your account from your personal computer. The only difference between using your computer and phone is you cannot edit or post using your computer. All you can do is like pictures and explore your page or timeline.

What does IG mean Wrap Up

Now that you know that IG means Instagram primarily, you can enjoy using the acronym with ease. Instagram is the go-to app for photo and video uploads these days for both Apple and Android devices.

Keep track of as many internet acronyms and slangs as much as you can. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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