What Does OOF Mean ? How to Use OOF + 10 Meanings!

The internet is filled with so many acronyms, it is almost impossible to know them all. One of them is OOF and it is used by so many people these days.

In this post, we will look into the meaning of OOF as well as how it is used.

What Does OOF Mean

OOF – An overview

It can be really frustrating when you are completely clueless about what an acronym means. In fact, frustrating is an understatement for most people because you just seem obsolete to the rest of the world.

OOF is used for several purposes and really it has quite a number of meanings. This shouldn’t be strange, most acronyms have several meanings as well. Have you received a text or email with OOF and you are wondering what it means, this post should help.

On the other hand, you may have come across it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, or Google Plus. There’s no need to be perplexed anymore. By the time you are done reading this post, you’ll not just know what it means, you’ll be able to use it efficiently.

OOF – What does it mean?

This is definitely the reason why you are reading this post, to know what the acronym means. We’ve got you on this and we wouldn’t keep you waiting for too long. It’s at this point we let the cat out of the bag.

OOF is an acronym which means “Out Of Facility.” In some other cases, it may mean “Out Of Office.” This is one of the very few acronyms that can be used in a formal or office setting. It is usually deployed to notify an individual that a person is not available in the office.

We will take a look at a few examples later on in this post. These examples should help you figure out the use of this acronym.

Other Meanings of OOF

Just as we mentioned earlier in this post, there are other meanings of this acronym. In this section, we will shed some light on the most common of these meanings.

This meaning does not portray the OOF as an acronym. Rather, it is portrayed as a part of speech known as onomatopoeia. Onomatopoeia is a figure of speech that portrays a word to sound like what it represents.

You must be able to figure out the meaning by now. In simple terms, OOF signifies the sound you make when air is knocked out of your lungs. Try making the sound now portraying the exact scenario.

Some other times, it is used to signify extreme frustration. It still sounds like air being knocked out of your tummy. It is mostly deployed as an interjection in a sentence as well as on social media posts. It could be literal or figurative.

Let’s take a look at a few examples:

  1. OOF!!! That was really painful.
  2. OOF!!! That decision was really difficult.
  3. Can’t believe I have to start all over, OOF!
  4. Her demise hit me hard, OOF! She had a really great personality.
  5. OOF, my eyes hurt really bad.

These are just a few examples. You should find it more interesting when you get used to the idea of the word.

There are other meanings of the acronym OOF that are not related to sound or the office. Let’s go through a few below:

  1. OOF – Object Oriented Filtering
  2. OOF – Open Office Formula
  3. OOF – Out Of Fiber
  4. OOF – Object-Oriented Formula
  5. OOF – Out Of Focus
  6. OOF – Out Of Frame
  7. OOF – Outcomes & Outputs Frameworks (mostly used in Australia)
  8. OOF – Other Official Flows
  9. OOF – Oceans Of Fun
  10. OOF – Object-Oriented Fortran
  11. OOF – Object-Oriented Framework
  12. OOF – Odin Organic Framework
  13. OOF – Out-of-Office Feature
  14. OOF – Out Of Funding
  15. OOF – Out Of Force
  16. OOF – Options Of Future
  17. OOF – Oracles Of Fire ( this is a book authored by Bryan Davis)
  18. OOF – Of Freeze
  19. OOF – Object of Functionality
  20. OOF – Obama Organizing Fellows
  21. OOF – Order Of Forfeiture (this is a legal term)

Other abbreviations that are related to office

OOF, as we have established above, is mostly related to the word “office.” In this section, we look at a few abbreviations that are related to “office.”

  1. CEO – Chief Executive Officer
  2. CFO – Chief Financial Officer
  3. CLEO – Chief Law Enrollment Officer
  4. CO – Commanding Officer, Counter Offer, Company, Corrections Officer
  5. GRO – Guest Relations Officer
  6. HBO – Home Box Office
  7. HO – Head Office, Hold On
  8. JROTC – Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
  9. LEO – Law Enforcement Officer
  10. NCO – Non-Commissioned Officer
  11. OOTO – Out Of The Office
  12. PO – Police Officer
  13. POP3 – Post Office Protocol v3 (used for emails)
  14. ROTC – Reserve Officer Training Corps
  15. SOW – Female Police Officer

Looking at the terms above, all of them are formal and will work well for any official setting. They are mostly used textually because saying them out in a conversation would sure sound absurd.

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Using OOF Properly

Okay, so let’s be clear. For whatever variation of the acronym, there is really no hard and fast rule to using the acronym in a sentence. It all depends on how you want to use it.

In using this acronym, you must be tactful. Since there are a couple of meanings, it is important that you clear the air about what exactly you mean. If you don’t do this, your reader could end up being confused.

Even though this term can be used formally or informally, it is wiser to restrict it to just textual communication. Using it when speaking will definitely sound absurd and you don’t want to be viewed in that light.

You can make use of this any of the variants of this acronym on Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, and emails. It can also be used in text messaging and instant chat messaging.

Synonym of OOF as used on the Internet

The acronym that is closest in meaning to OOF (Out Of Office) is AFK. AFK means “away from the keyboard.” Unlike out of office, away from the keyboard does not give a description to location. It just states that the individual is not using his or her computer keyboard at a particular time.

However, it makes the receiver of the message know that the sender is not available at the moment. The required action following this message is to drop a message that will be replied when the sender gets back.

Another acronym that is very similar to OOF is BRB. BRB means “Be right back” and it implies that the sender of the message will be away for a while. However, this states that the sender should get back soon.

Who makes use of OOF?

There is a wide range of people that can make use of OOF. Since the phrase has “office” as one of its components means it will most likely be used in the office. On the other hand, it may be used by people discussing office matters even if they are in another environment.

Even though the term is used in a formal environment, it mostly comes off as informal or unprofessional. At work, it is used by employees of the same firm or different firms in correspondence with each other.

Examples showing the use of OOF

To help you understand the use of the acronym, let’s view some examples.

Example 1.

Sam: This quarter looks really promising. One could only imagine the bonuses that will follow.

Danny: I can’t wait too. When do you think we would find out?

Sam: Hopefully, we would hear from the human resource manager. Haven’t seen him today though.

Danny: He’s OOF for the week. He should resume work next week.

This example shows a discussion between two colleagues, Sam and Danny. They are looking forward to knowing when they’ll get information about their bonus. Sam asks about the whereabouts of the human resource manager. Danny replies that the manager is OOF for the week. This is one way you can use this acronym.

Example 2.

Mary: Today, we’ve got a new patch. Stan would be unbeatable because of his rework.

Trip: Don’t still understand how he will combine all the powers of the Pixie.

Mary: I hope our team isn’t OOF for the day. It will be hectic to carry the whole team.

Understanding this example is quite simple. The gamers are discussing a new development on their game. They are a bit bothered about their team being OOF for the day. This is because it would be hectic standing in for them.

What does OOF mean Wrap Up

It is clear that OOF is an internet slang can be used in different ways. Once you understand it, it won’t be strange when you see it in emails or on social media. Share your own examples of how to use this acronym in the comments section.

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