75 Yorkie Haircut Ideas and All You Need To Know About Styling Yorkie

Who Are Yorkies?

The cutest choice a dog lover can make is to adopt Yorkies as pets. They aren’t just adorable and delightful little creatures, but they have a very sharp brain too. These dainty and charming pups are a great choice for those who are going to keep a dog as a pet for the very first time. They are very family-oriented dogs.

You won’t have to spend much time training them yourself or hiring someone to train them. Also, there is a huge variety of breeds in various colors and sizes. Yorkies are famous for their long and silky hairs on their body; you are left with a choice to style their hair into different hairstyles and groom them just like your baby.

It is really important to keep these beautiful tiny creatures well- groomed; otherwise, they won’t look more than a ball of tangled and filthy hair. Make sure if you accept the responsibility to have a Yorkie as a pet then you will have to spend quite a lot on their grooming and cuts.

So, this article will all be about some grooming tips and various model-like hairstyles for both males and females.


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Professionals or Us

The biggest question for usual Yorkie keepers is that, should they go to a professional for grooming or do it themselves. To answer this very simple yet very important question, you will have to see it according to the situation.

There are various ways out there and you can consult a professional. Some professionals work in a saloon, or some offer home services. And a few of the Yorkie haircut professionals work as freelancers too. Now, the choice is yours.

Freelancers are inexpensive, but they may not be experienced or may not know the trendy haircuts that you wish to get your little Yorkie. Make sure you choose an experienced and skilled freelancer, or you will regret it.

If you know about a groomer who offers home services, then you may have to go through certain inconveniences.

As far as a little bit of grooming is concerned, you can do it by yourself. You will need the right tool for that, though. All you need to do is learn some basic techniques and have some confidence in yourself.


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Is It Time For A Haircut?

Many Yorkie owners are curious to know what the best time is to get their Yorkie a nice and good-looking haircut. There are different opinions, but here is some information about haircuts for your advantage.

At the age of four months, it is important to get a sanitary trim, and by the age of seven months, your Yorkie is big enough to rock stylish haircuts. The myth about Yorkie haircut before the age of 1 is useless and a lie. Their hair gets much silkier and fluffy.


What Should Be The Length Of The Hair?

The length of Yorkshire’s hair is important, but it also depends on the style of haircut you are getting it. There are three commonly known hair lengths; short trim, medium length trim, and long trim.

Short trim often has criticism for ruining the look of your little doggie and make it looks sick and miserable rather than making it an eye-candy. On the other hand, long trim makes it difficult for the owner to take care of the dog.

The flowing, fluffy and beautiful hair can become a ball of a mess if one cannot take care of them properly. However, the ideal and preferable length is medium length. The reason behind this is that it is easier to take care of it, and all you need is three to five minutes a day to comb its hair and bath it once a week, which is more than enough.

So, personally average length is the best for you tiny buddy.


Grooming Budget

Grooming may take a good amount of money. The main reason behind it is that you will have to take your pet to a hairdresser once in every one and a half to two months. The simple rule about Yorkie’s hair-styling is that it is similar to humans. The shorter the hair the more frequent the visits.

Grooming – Before the Cut

Professionals provide many grooming services, and these all are the parts of the full groom and sanitary trim. Full grooming services start with the removal of all the unwanted and dead hair. After which they clean the ear canal through a special lotion. In the next step, they cut the nails groom them.

Later on, they trim paw pads and the areas under the paw pads. As soon as the trimming is complete, the Yorkie gets a relaxing bath with professional hair products, like shampoos and conditioners. After the bath, the stylist dries the Yorkie with the towel and then, he also uses a hairdryer to make sure the little creature is not wet. Then they brush the dried puppy so that no tangles are left.

You can also include other services if you want. For example, sanitary glands or anal checkup, top knot care, using perfumes or using a variety of lotions, depending on the need.  However, this may include a few extra charges.

Finally, after the grooming procedure, their hair will be cut. You can choose various haircut styles for your petite little doggo from the list that we will discuss later on in this article.

Another grooming procedure that is much cheaper than a full groom is a sanitary trim. Many folks don’t understand this grooming procedure. Some think only that a groomer only trims hair near the genitals. However, in reality, this is a myth. It is a similar procedure to full grooming except for the fact that there is no bathing in sanitary trim.

There is a much cheaper way if you don’t want to spend dollars from your pocket and that is just styling. It means there will be no grooming procedure before and after the bath with professional products, ear canal cleaning, etc. Some of the saloons may include nail cut and combing in the package, but most of them don’t.

Personally taking out a few more dollars and getting a grooming package with haircut will be better for the owner because you may save lots of money and time by outsourcing the grooming and haircutting process.

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Trendy Styles for Yorkie Pups

A Tiny Teddy Bear

Yorkie puppy cut or ideal teddy bear cut is one of the most popular cuts and also the most desired one by the owners. This cut is short and fashionable. Its short hair length eases the maintenance and also it gives a Yorkie a teddy bear look.

However, this teddy look never steals the original Yorkie features. To play with the haircut, many owners prefer slightly longer hair on face and legs than the body. Also, remember the hair are short not shaven.

Bushy Face with Trimmed Body

People also call this cut a square or round shaped cut. This cut is similar to teddy bear cut, but the difference lies in the face. In this, the stylist generally plays with the hair length on the head.

Generally, the shape of the facial hair takes a form of round or a square. It depends on the owner whether one wants to keep the head hair length same or a little bit longer. The modifications in this cut can be done by shortening the facial hair and keeping the head hair length long. You can turn that long head hair into a top knot pony for convenience (recommended for female puppies).

Yorkie in Layers

Generally, the dainty and graceful female Yorkies rocks this sculpturing hairstyle. There are different lengths of hair on the head, body, and legs. Starting over with the head; groomers trim the length of the hair till it reaches the shoulders about four centimeters. Then the hair length of the body is kept long enough to touch the ground almost about three to four centimeters. Lastly, the length of the leg hair is allowed to grow until it brushes the floor. Although this style seems pretty elegant and gracious, you will need high maintenance for your little diva.

Big Head Little Body Cut

Westie cut is a general and known term for this type of look. In this, a professional hair artist shaves the bodily hair of your little devil, or at least trims the body hair. On the head, the groomer will trim down the edges and other than that there would be no cutting. If you wish to experiment something trendy, then play with the beard and chick hair lengths.

This style is preferable for both males and females. A long beard would give him a masculine look. On the other hand, some accessories, like a bow on the head and a neckless, would make this look more feminine.

Schnauzer or a Yorkie

Schnauzer cut is popular for a breed of dog: schnauzers. Usually, this cut is common among these species. However, your petite Yorkie can also carry this style with poise and sophistication.

In this hair-do, the groomer shaves or cuts the hair to a very short length of the body part that is darker. Legs and tail hair remain long. To make the head prominent, usually, they keep the head length long.

However, top of the head is cut short. Although there are some rules to this haircut to which people have to abide, some little changes and experiments can enhance the looks. It fully depends on the owner that whether one wants long hair or short hair.

Yorkie with Patterns

Who doesn’t like to go all trendy and fashionable? Everyone does. Especially in recent years the growing dog shows and an era where dogs are social media sensations, people have gone far with experimenting various fashionable looks on their dogs.

Sometimes the groomer suggests for a pattern to hide some disability of the Yorkies body. The pattern takes away the attention of the people from the abnormal part of the Yorkie. These patterns can go wild to turning a Yorkie into a little lion to figured carvings on the thick layer of hair.

However, the patterned hair-do idea may seem fun, but it only remains cool until it is there. The life of this hairstyle is really short. A bath or rain can ruin your hard work in minutes. So, the cost of maintaining this type of hair-do is high.

Turning a Yorkie into an Asian

Nowadays, it is very in to get an Asian, Korean or Chinese cut on Yorkies. This beautiful cut makes your tiny angel look like a small puppet. First of all, a groomer shaves the hair of the body, neck, and chest.

Even the hairs on the face get trimmed down. Only the hairs on the ears are long. The paws and the bottom also have to go through the trimming process. As for the tail, you can keep it fluffy or get it trimmed; it depends on you.

This look is an ideal one for the summers and for those owners who can’t afford to maintain their pups and take them to stylists every alternate month. However, the cost of this style is that your Yorkie will take almost a year to return to its classic look.


Coming over to the end of this article, we hope that this was one helpful piece of advice and ideas. Yorkies are cute dogs, and when something is beautiful, it deserves compliments. Also, nothing is more warming and joyous than seeing your pet, whom you love like your child all dolled up and looking cuter than ever.

However, along with beauty and fame comes maintenance. To keep your child maintained and groomed you will find this guide very helpful.