75 + Motivational You Can Do It Meme – An Easy Way to Lift Your Spirits

You can do it! This is sometimes all you need to hear in order to feel motivated, confident and so on. A you can do it meme might not seem like much, but it has the power to influence your mind in a good way. As it follows, you will see that there are multiple types of you can do it meme. In addition, you will find out which one works best for your mind and which manages to twist your insecurities. By the time you finish reading all the following memes, you will definitely feel encouraged and have a more positive attitude about what’s happening to you. Or, conversely, you will identify the right ones that you can send to people who need them.

1. Danny Trejo is here to encourage you



Actor Danny Trejo took a picture with a white pigeon, which was transformed in a you can do it meme. It hits the spot because the white pigeon is a symbol of peace, purity and hope.

2. There are no limits unless you set them

The world is vast and full of options. Sometimes, when we feel down, we tend to consider the bad things only, not think about a wide variety of options.

3. Sometimes all you need to do is believe

You could be capable of doing anything, but you might lack confidence. The dog meme above is meant to give you a nudge.

4. The message matters, not the way it’s told

5. Trying is the first step towards succeeding

6. Puppy cheers for your morale

Puppies are such cute and innocent canines that almost no one is immune to them. That’s exactly why puppy images are used in motivational memes.

7. Cute and small animals are best at encouraging

Hedgehogs seem to be happy all the time, so they must know something we don’t. Maybe it’s their attitude towards life, even if hedgehogs and humans have different problems.

8. If a meme was done about it, then you can manage that situation

9. Unflattering pun regarding Nicolas Cage comes to the rescue

10. Baby cat inspires gentleness and innocence

A kitty is so cute and pure at heart that it can influence a grown person. With this kitty in your team, nothing you can’t do right now will stay this way.

Types of You Can Do It Meme

Although basically all memes from this article fall into the same category, they can be divided in other small categories as well. So far we’ve agreed on the fact that the purpose of a you can do it meme is to motivate some humans. Moreover, its purpose is to show people in need that there is hope and that they are the ones who can do it. Besides finding motivation in these memes, you will also see adorable animals that have an emotional impact on yourself. A message is delivered in a more impressive way when the subject is already sentimental.

In addition, besides looking at cute and little creatures that deliver incredible messages, we also have plenty you can do it memes that portray famous actors. Moreover, sarcasm and reverse psychology threats fall in the same category of memes. The difference these categories make are in the way the message is delivered, not in the message itself.

11. Charming Hollywood actor has the power to motivate

The actor in the picture above is a great choice for women who need some motivation. He is portrayed shirtless and wearing a charming smile. The latter could bright any chick’s day.

12. If animals could speak, they would say the same

13. American actor’s picture mixed with a proper message

14. Oprah is a source of inspiration for many people around the globe

No one can make a you can do it meme collection without adding at least one meme with Oprah. She has managed to inspire, captivate and help numerous people with her show and her attitude towards life.

15. Just focus on what’s important

16. You and me both, man

17. Fear stops people from believing in themselves

18. Puppy meme is so cute, you cannot resist

19. Everything is possible with the right attitude

No matter how you say certain things, if they deliver the message right, then you’ve succeeded!

20. Leonardo DiCaprio making a toast

Actors and public figures are influencers. Regular people find themselves inspired and motivated easily when the nice words come from a familiar face.

You Can Do It Meme With Animals

Animals are always included in memes. This is because they manage to capture human emotions sometimes, among others. In addition, the simple sight of a cute, small, adorable animal can make a person forget about all the negative aspects in his or her life for a second. Moreover, when it comes to motivation, encouragement and sending positive thoughts, animals are great to be associated. In order for us to cope with various aspects from out lives, we need to make positive associations in our heads. So, in this way exactly animals in various situations are a source of good vibes.

21. Setting goals is a step towards doing it

This meme is great at setting a positive attitude towards goals. The importance of having one or more goals in life cannot pass unnoticed. People need something to cling on in order to stay positive and have a healthy mind.

22. Hope is easy to see in someone’s eyes

Jim Carrey is making a very silly face in the picture above. Hope is the type of feeling that goes away last, after everything else failed.

23. Movie 300 made it as a you can do it meme

The movie 300 is full of bloody battles, sword combats and death. In order to arise the motivation in some individuals, you have to first shock them in a way that catches their attention and opens their minds to suggestions and other perspectives.

24. Another hedgehog showing you everything is possible

25. Every day is a success when you work for your goal

26. Jake the Dog meme talks about the power to try new things

Jake the Dog is a character from an animated series for adults. He is not the brightest companion to Finn the Human, but they both have each other’s backs.

27. Learning self-encouragement from a kitty with a shark hat on

28. Not everything is as hard as it seems

29. Take a leap of faith from time to time

30. A little UMPH is worth more than you think

Actors and Other Famous People in a You Can Do It Meme

Actors and other famous people who activate in other fields of work are suited for a you can do it meme as well. You might wonder why an image with a hot Hollywood actor is motivational? Well, only the thought of having Leonardo DiCaprio saying something nice to a gal, can make that gal feel instantly better for getting all that attention. Now, even if those VIPs don’t speak to us directly, the message is still delivered.

Moreover, when we see a familiar face, even if we don’t know him or her in person, we feel familiar and comfortable. So, in order for a motivational message to have an impact on us, we also have to trust the person who is saying it. In addition, stars and other famous people are credible and some become life examples. For instance, we are more prone to listening to what Oprah has to say, because she won her place in the world as a savvy person.

31. You can do it meme presents two options

32. Giving up is an impediment in doing it

33. Living the future the way you set it during the present

34. You can do it meme – today is the day

35. There is not “but” in a you can do it meme

36. Will Rogers quote meant to teach us a lesson

37. Familiar Hollywood actor gets your attention 

38. Tacos will always be better than negativity

39. Don’t wait for someone to tell you that you can’t do it

The meme above expresses the same message as the other ones, but with a difference. This one pictures an individual who was motivated by a challenge, not by a force inside him. Challenge or not, he will try to do whatever he agreed on.

40. Take baby steps when trying to achieve a goal

Nothing good or bad happens over night. So, you got to start somewhere with that goal. Taking baby steps is the most recommended starting point for doing anything you’re not familiar with, accustomed with or confident with.

You Can Do It Meme – Message Delivered With Sarcasm

Sarcasm is a type of humor that not everyone understands, uses or reacts to it. Sarcasm is made for people who want to put an accent on something, but they don’t want to just say it directly in a nice way. That’s okay as well because some individuals react to a sarcastic meme more than to a soft meme, even they are both saying the same thing. So, a message that sounds like “you can do it, maybe” is motivational, but it also sets a challenge. The challenge comes by using the word maybe, which is totally up to the person in case to change it into a definite yes.

Sarcasm doesn’t work for the vast majority of people unless it’s pure humor. That’s exactly why you won’t find many types of you can do it meme that use sarcasm.

41. The superhero ant tells you to believe as well

42. Barack Obama picture is a great choice for a you can do it meme

43. Goals are everywhere if you want to find them

44. Yoda speaks its wisdom in a you can do it meme

45. This camel or a group leader are the same

46. If you can’t do it, at least don’t stress about it

47. Famous fighter spreads his determination

48. Conjugate words just for the fun of it

49. You can do it meme contains an angry message

50. Do you want to join the rebel alliance? 

Reverse Psychology Used in a You Can Do It Meme

Memes are useful because they reach certain points in a human mind. Since not everyone thinks the same, some people are harder to reach. In their case, one can use reverse psychology. In other words, saying “you can’t do it” to a person will generate the exact opposite reply. He or she will not stand to hear that he or she is not capable of doing something in particular. So, that person will most probably do something about it, trying to prove to everyone that whoever said it’s impossible was wrong.

You don’t need to have a mastermind in order to create a reverse psychology meme. On the contrary, I’m sure you can identify them among the examples contained by this article. If you know someone who likes to do the opposite of what she’s or he’s told, try this trick on them.

51. Bruce needs to stop eating, not continue

The you can do it meme above can be confusing. Is it that Bruce should’t eat chocolate anymore or is it the opposite? Since Bruce seems like an overweight kid, I guess he should be encouraged to stop eating. However, this meme can be interpreted in any way you want.

52. Being threatened sometimes works as encouragement

53. Always focus on what you can do

54. Big bang theory actor’s face used in a gym meme

The actor from the picture above plays the role of a nerd in a sitcom called the Big Bang Theory. He is not the type who works out and especially not one who does double unders. However, his facial expression was perfect for this meme’s idea.

55. Albert Einstein meme motivates you but it doesn’t give you wings

A pretty classic meme, the Albert Einstein meme depicted above sends a positive message too. However, it also sets boundaries for one to temper himself or herself before beating himself or herself up for doing doing more and more. This usually happens to people who try to achieve more than it is humanly possible.

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56. Arnold Schwarzenegger lives on to give life advice in a you can do it meme

57. Adorable hedgehog sets an example for discouraged people

58. Rare image of a squirrel standing on two feet 

If a squirrel can stand on two feet and look so adorable while trying to reach for something, then you can do whatever you have to do as well. Just take some of this animal’s innocence and determination to achieve things, and start doing them!

59. Bodybuilder puts your confidence in question

60. Angry baby face has more influence than you think

Motivational Meme Contains Words Only

Another category of you can do it meme, this one lacks images. It is based on words only, which have enough power on their own as they are. Usually, these memes are created on colored background and the used text occupies the entire space.

The fact that the text is not associated with an image may increase attention or decrease it, depending on who is looking at it. However, if you want to start making memes over night, you can do it! The easiest way would be to start simple, by creating a meme with a powerful, yet simple message.

Leaving the image behind may or may not influence they way your meme is perceived by other individuals.

61. Renowned Jesus statue comes with a new message

With memes, you will often find the same picture in different categories. However, people usually change the message when they re-purpose the picture. I’m sure you have seen this image of Jesus in countless other memes, sending different messages.

62. Morgan Freeman doesn’t stop from being heard

63. No one succeeds without moving a finger

64. Leo is right again in this you can do it meme

65. Barack’s finger pointing at you might motivate you

66. Donald Trump takes Barack Obama’s place in president memes

67. The famous angry kid might get you off that couch

As you have already noticed, the same picture can and is used for more types of memes. However, this angry kid may be subject to so many memes, that it would be a shame to keep it for one type only.

68. Motivation and humor make a great pair

69. A confident smile can become contagious 

Not the type of meme everyone can use without creating controversy, this one is dedicated to a certain group of people who is comfortable with using the “n word”.

70. When in doubt, follow your idols’ example 

71. You can only do it if you do it

Containing a more rational approach to motivation, this meme is associated with a serious actor as well.

72. A tender encouragement coming from mama bear

A you can do it meme is always welcome in our lives. There are moments throughout the day when everyone needs a small encouragement, a word of advice, or a shoulder to cry on. These days the conventional ways have changed, but we can always use a meme to make someone smile, especially if they need encouragements and motivation.