Top 125 Coolest Zelda Triforce Tattoos

If you ask a video gamer, they would say that video games are not just games. There is more to it than simply playing. If you are a gamer though, which you probably are given that you have an interest in Zelda tattoos, then you know how much emotion, time, and money one invests in the video games that he plays. It is not only a test of skills, but also a test of patience, and of course there is an attachment to the characters. Opposite to what non gamers think, there is actually so much social interaction in video games. Okay, enough with trying to define how precious video games are to gamers, and let us get on with how you can get your beloved Zelda Triforce game inked on your skin.

1. Simplicity is Beauty

Okay, before we go on to the more elaborate Zelda tattoos, check out first the simpler versions. Of course, especially if this is your first time getting a tattoo, this is more advisable. Deciding on where to put your tattoo, how big it should be, what design, where to get it, and so on bugs the mind of everyone who plans to get a new tattoo. Starting simple and at less painful spots would be ideal.

The wrist would be a good place for the first tattoo. If you have possible disapproving parents, or it is unacceptable at school, or you have doubts that there will be days that you would rather live as a person without a tattoo, then this place is very flexible for such changes. It is not easily noticeable, so it would take someone who is actually looking at the inside of your arm to see that you have a tattoo. In times when you do not want to hear someone freaking out that you actually have a tattoo, you can just conceal it with a watch, arm band, or simply with long sleeves.


If you are not the type of person who would wear accessories around their wrist like watches, bands, or bracelets, then perhaps with the same reason of having the option of concealing and revealing it at times that you wish, then this is a good location for you. You can easily hide it with your quarter sleeves of by your rolled up sweatshirts. It is also pretty cool and and unique since not so many people put tattoos in that area, especially if it is going to be only one.

3.zelda triforce tattoo

Perhaps you love Zelda so much that you want to put it close to your heart. Show your love for Zelda by putting it on your bosom. Especially for girls, this can be a pretty cool tattoo, not to mention it is very daring as well. Every time you wear a low cut dress, you are not drawing attention to your chest but you shout to the world your devotion for Zelda.


If you think a Zelda tattoo on the chest is sexy, how much more a Zelda tattoo on the pelvis? Butterflies are overrated are already too common. Why not surprise and entice people with a unique Zelda Triforce tattoo? It would surely blow the mind of gamers.


It does not necessarily have to be in the central side or that too low in the pelvic area. You can put it on the side. It is quite an artistic location as well. Does not this inspire you enough to finally get up get that Zelda Triforce tattoo already?


If you are not up to putting a tattoo on the front then you can have your Zelda Triforce inked at your lower back. It is equally sexy and very unique. Most people would be tattoos at the center of their lower backs, so having it inked a little bit to the side is a totally a brilliant idea.


Another very unique way to put your tattoo is by the side. But yikes! It can really be very painful since it is close to the ribs. But if you are brave enough and have a high pain tolerance then by all means do it for your love for Zelda Triforce! Also, it is such a very sexy location as well. It is not common, and so people who would see it would naturally get mind blown. Just like in this photo, it would be such a great idea to flaunt it with your summer wears!


So many Zelda Triforce fans have inked their love for it at their back. It may look easy at first but for those who knows well how painful tattoos at the back are, it is no doubt that these Zelda gamers went through hell for their love of it. If you think you have what it takes to get a back tattoo, then go for it.


Just look at how refreshing and cool the tattoo looks! You can kiss goodbye to boring tank tops because the next time you wear one, you would not be another hot girl but you would be that girl.

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If you are brave enough, as the Zelda Triforce gamer that you are, then you should get the largest Zelda tattoo that you can get. As much as you love it, you should get something as huge as well. It would be interesting to take top offs on the beach, or wherever you legally can. Go big or go home!


If you are not a fan of big tattoos or those that are in the middle. You can also strategically put it on the side, by your shoulder. It is another attractive way to wear that attention grabbing Zelda Triforce tattoo.


It can look good on your tank top or when someone takes a glimpse of it beneath your lace shirt or blazer. It is such a great low key place for your love for Zelda Triforce.

13. A Little bit of Color

A little on top the notch of the simple monochrome version of Zelda Triforce tattoo is the colored ones. It does not hurt to put colors other than black on your tattoo. It can be fun. Of course you should not fear of getting it wrong since here are some examples that will let you see just how okay it is to have a multi colored Zelda Triforce tattoo.

Look at this one. Isn’t this such an upgrade from the monochrome version? Of course the black ones already look pretty cool but this colored one with shading and shadows look extraordinary. What colors would you like to have? You can choose anything! Yellow, red, blue, green, orange, or a combination of any of them would totally look fascinating.


Ah look at how amazing this one is! It does not only have one single color but it has several of it. Wouldn’t you wish to have a Zelda Triforce tattoo as vibrant as this? It is not only the colors but the location and size as well are very cleverly though of.


16. Let your Freak Flag Fly!

Or more like let your Zelda Triforce flag fly. For the love of it, why not get a totally elaborate tattoo of it? Just go crazy with the design, theme, scene, or whatever you want for to reflect your passion for Zelda. Project that image from your head to your skin. Yep, getting your imagination out and having it manifest somewhere else on your body is very much plausible.


Here is another excellent idea for a Zelda tattoo on your thigh. Yes, that’s right. These tattoos look so much better in specific locations. Why don’t you have the same as well? It is really very bold to have something like this on you.


Sometimes when you love something so much, you just want to give it your all. So how about getting your Zelda Triforce tattoo this way? Just go all in and give it your best. This sums up how much dedication you have for this game.



This is perhaps the coolest of all the Zelda tattoos out there. It is even difficult to begin to enumerate how cool this is. Firstly, its size is a huge reflection of how much you love Zelda. Secondly, of course it is so painful. So the pain that the person has to go through to get this tattoo is absolutely admirable. Thirdly, tattoos come with a price. Especially if you go to a proper artist, large tattoos like this takes so much time and skill and thus cost a lot. Fourthly, there is a stereotype that people who get tattoos as large as these and especially in this location in the body are gangsters. So if you get something like this, it creates so much speculation and of course a mammoth admiration.

A lot of people play Zelda Triforce because it is such an amazing game no doubt. How about you, are you as cool as well?